Scale YOUR revenue with on-platform billing and accounting


Built on Salesforce, the world's number 1 CRM, Certinia Billing provides highly scalable infrastructure that can supercharge your revenue.

The CFO's choice for Technology.

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Reporting and Analytics

Financial data at your fingertips

To scale your revenue you will need to understand your financial performance in detail. Historically, businesses have been unable to access this data without having data warehouses or complex reports.

Performance Analytics

Access to forward looking revenue data, such as a deferred revenue waterfall

Financial reporting

Understand key financial metrics and produce comprehensive management data

Built on Certinia Accounting

When Salesforce is the centre of your universe, you really need your billing and accounting data to be a central component.

Certinia Accounting is a powerful cloud-accounting solution built on Salesforce and is fully integrated with your business engine.
Access anywhere cloud accounting
Salesforce Opportunity-to-invoice
Upsell and cross sell products to your current accounts
Easily modify contracts to cope with adjustments
Powerful real-time multi-dimensional, multi-entity reporting
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