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Sage Intacct
UK Consulting Partner

Sage Intacct delivers proven results for businesses. Demonstrating immediate productivity and efficiency improvements; Sage Intacct is one of the leading cloud ERP products in the marketplace today.

Used by 11,000 businesses worldwide, Sage Intacct helps you automate processes to improve governance and legislative compliance. With a wealth of powerful and impactful features, Sage Intacct can dramatically reduce operating costs whilst providing transparency, advanced functionality, and insightful data analysis.

What are the key features of Sage Intacct?

  • Consolidation of different entities, locations and revenue streams, with multi currency management into one single view where desired. Ideal for international organisations.
  • Revenue recognition, ideal for subscription models where revenue needs to be distributed over a set period. Sage Intacct enables seamless compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.
  • Configurable dashboards, reports, graphs & charts to enable teams to access the information they need straight away. Customisable workflows and transactions to improve efficiency and processing for the entire team.
  • Complete system integration, with additional collaboration tools to ensure a co-ordinated approach across the business. Seamlessly move information from Salesforce for a complete view of your operations from lead to ledger.
  • Streamlined procurement and payables processes to stay in line with budgeting targets. Automated transaction processing, data entry, and approvals, enabling full confidence in the data and system management.
  • Automatic system upgrades, allowing the business to unlock new features without upgrading your platform.
  • A variety of risk management protocols including automatic backups and disaster recovery for when the unexpected happens.
  • Project accounting software, to see all your time, expense, and project-based accounting data; allowing full visibility of project costs.
  • Time and expense management workflows, designed to reduce errors and simplify the overall process to ensure staff time and expenses are correctly allocated.
  • Automated order management software to better align sales and finance teams, and reduce the amount of time spent on manual processing.
  • Complete inventory management, ideal for businesses managing inventory in multiple locations. Giving complete visibility of the system, Sage Intacct enables effective stock management to improve cash flow and reduce order processing time.
  • Improve remote management of staff and organisational risk with segregation of duties in Sage Intacct.

Is Sage Intacct right for your business?

  • Sage Intacct is ideal for customers with multiple revenue streams such as healthcare and not-for-profit businesses.
  • Ideal for subscription-based businesses that require recurring billing software, with the Revenue Recognition functionality.
  • An entirely cloud-based solution, Sage Intacct is designed for businesses that want to access real-time data and a solution that can adapt as their business rows.
  • A typical Sage Intacct customer operates in the mid-market, with more than 50 employees and a turnover greater than £7m.

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What systems does Sage Intacct integrate with?

Sage Intacct is designed to integrate with your other systems and platforms including ChargeBee, ADP and Salesforce. To find the full list of third-party integrations, visit the Sage Intacct Marketplace.

ION can help manage the integrations across the platforms to ensure complete alignment of all systems and processes.

Why you should work with ION

ION helps businesses deliver business and financial transformation through the application of the world’s leading software solutions. Specialists in cloud accounting, billing, and CRM solutions, the ION approach aligns the entire business operations to allow for full visibility from lead to ledger.

Verified partners of Sage Intacct, AccountsIQ, ChargeBee, FinancialForce, and Salesforce Silver Partners, the ION team is made up of specialists in cloud accounting, billing, PSA, automation and CRM. A team of independent specialists, we are not aligned to one system and can help identify the right solution for your business.

Ideal for fast-growth businesses and those operating in the mid-market; our work improves efficiency and accelerates growth to ensure your systems can grow as you do.

Working with ION will unlock the power of automation in your business, streamlining your processes and empowering decision making across the business.

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Sage Partner

ION is proud to be a Sage implementation partner. We have the right to resell, implement and customize Sage Intacct, to suit individual business needs.

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