A help desk that
actually helps.

ION's support services provide an important layer of protection when purchasing, operating and developing your financial technologies.
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Support Services Features

Why use ION for Support?

We aspire to provide the very best support services, but mainly because we want you to love us.

Service Levels

We've designed our support services to meet or exceed the industry standard SLAs for customer support.

Customer support

Like you, we want everything in one place, so we have an amazing customer support portal.

solution design

Unlike other faceless product agents, we actually implemented your system, so who better to take care of it?

No Call

Our team love talking to our customers, we won't deflect you, or tell you to email another country.
Continuous support

Ensure your team's success

Onboarding and adoption is key to the success of any new product, but that can be a continuous journey. We help you with new processes, new staff and new business challenges.
Get support and help on day-to-day queries, for yourself or more junior team members.
Receive best practice guidance and expert knowledge from our team of consultants.
Book product training, to help new employees use your systems.
Day-to-day aftercare and support, whatever the problem.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Continuous improvements

Maximise your return on investment

Getting the right solution implemented is critical, but the right product will also allow you to extend, integrate and optimise. That's not your job, so let our team look after it.
Build out advanced configurations to improve your service.
Get deeper into data with assistance for report writing and dashboard creation.
Continuous development for deeper integration across the business.
Continuous protection

Protect yourself with risk mitigation

Your finance system is a bit like the Death Star, it needs to be fully operational. That said, we prefer to be seen more as the Jedi.
Support with unexpected behaviour.
Help investigate problem data and inconsistent information.
Assist with unscheduled downtime.
Get industry leading service level agreements to ensure BAU.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Support Portal

Our customer support portal

To help provide the industries best support services, we invested in the industries best support software. This gives our customers an easy-to-use portal, which allows us all to work together.
Video and support articles to help with your product and industry adoption.
Submit new tickets through our forms or through our live chat.
Quickly access all open and resolved ticket.
Customer satisfaction surveys after every request.
How to tell us about your problem

To provide the best service,
we adapt to you

We understand that everyone is different,
so we've put you at the centre of our communication experience.


Not one to chat? Thats fine, just drop an email to support@ionhq.co.uk and we'll jump on whatever you need.


We don't have long call queues like your old provider, and you'll even get to speak with someone in the UK.

Live chat

If you need some help but also need to multi-task, just open a live chat on our website and we'll get right on it.

customer portal

Use our customer portal to review your support and development tickets. We use Zendesk, because its the best!

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