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Zendesk makes customer service better, by building software to meet customer needs, setting your team up for success, and keeping your business in sync.

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ION is a UK Zendesk partner, providing world class service desk software.

Watch and LEARN THE
Zendesk BASICS

Watch the short video on how your business can use Zendesk to transform your customers experience.

customer experience
anywhere, anytime

Provide effortless, conversational service across web, mobile, and social. Reduce customer effort with automated workflows and intelligent bots. Integrate any external system for a rich, customised experience

Make every
customer agent extraordinary

Manage all your customer conversations from one place. Give agents the context and ways to collaborate they need. Adapt quickly with powerful tools and integrations

Deliver smart service
at scale

Tools to integrate customer service across your business processes. Automation tools that are easy to use, analyse, and modify without a developer. Deep visibility and real-time reporting to act on trends and insights

Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly integrate Zendesk with Salesforce to allow the sync of ticket, contact and account data.


Slack for Zendesk Support app was designed to bring all of your customer support into a single place.


Connect your support and engineering teams and enable them to collaborate whenever a development issue arises.


View and manage customers, subscriptions, payments and invoices from Stripe, within Zendesk.


ION are a UK Zendesk partner, working to deliver incredible customer service experiences to the mid-market.

Our team of experts use Zendesk technology to make customer service better, by building solutions to meet everyone's needs, setting you up for success, and keeping your customers happy.

Frequently asked questions

A few questions you might have about Zendesk, and how we can help you as a Zendesk partner.
What is Zendesk?
Zendesk makes customer service and engagement products for businesses that want to give customers the best. Their products are designed to facilitate communication, reduce friction, and improve the relationship between companies and their customers.

Innovative, forward thinking companies embrace this philosophy, and they use Zendesk to create the best possible experience for their customers.

As a Zendesk partner, ION will help you understand the full capabilities of Zendesk and how you can use it to improve the performance of you support and customer success functions.
Why is Zendesk the best customer service system?
Zendesk omnichannel support offers everything you need to have conversations with customers that flow seamlessly across channels. It is a beautifully simple solution that delivers faster time-to-value and is designed to grow and scale with businesses of any size.

Zendesk provides best practices out-of-the box, giving your business the flexibility and speed to manage change or transform without complexity. You can develop context and orchestrate the ideal customer journey with tailored, proactive communications that improve customer satisfaction.

You can embed Zendesk anywhere, connect to your key systems, and make it your own with our modern standards and APIs.

ION became a Zendesk partner as we believe it to be the best service desk software available. Our love for the product means we really care about deploying it to our customers.
Who uses Zendesk?
Zendesk is used by over 160,000 companies in 160 countries. They leverage the product across many different industries, such as retail, internet, telecoms, utilities and travel.

Zendesk is also flexible enough to scale from small business to enterprise, giving your organisation the same toolset as Netflix, Uber and Tesco.

As a Zendesk partner, we take our learning from every business we work with, as well as best practice guidence, to ensure you have the best outcome.
What channels can customers use to raise tickets?
Zendesk allows your customers to reach you on many different channels, including email, chat, messaging, telephone, social and even Whatsapp. That said, you can also build your own channels which integrate via the Zendesk API.

As a Zendesk partner, we work with customers to identify the best channels and methods for interacting and supporting your customers.
Does it include a help centre?
Zendesk help centre, also know as Guide, comes with Zendesk. Its a configurable portal that your customers can access. This can become a powerful knowledge base that allows customers to self-serve, or raise and track tickets within it. This provides a seemless experience which will help boost overall CSAT.

As a Zendesk partner, we help you to rapidly deploy a powerful help centre, which will become a powerful hub for your customers.
How does the web chat work?
Zendesk web chat can be configured and dropped straight into your website, allowing your customers immediate access to your team. This could be to resolve issues, but also support sales. Agents will be notified that a customer requires assistance and can immediately support them. The chat can then be converted into a ticket and also moved to other channels, such as Whatsapp.

Chat also supports AI and bots, meaning a customer can interact directly with the intelligent system. This can help resolve an issue without an agent ever having to assist, or escalating at the appropriate time. This level of case deflection can have a significant impact on agent utilisation and efficiency.

As a Zendesk partner, the ION team will work with your business to setup the web chat. We can also help design and deploy intelligent bots and guided flows to continuously improve your service.
Can I integrate my phone system?
Zendesk offers an integrated phone system, which can be up and running very quickly. This allows calls to be routed through to the Zendesk interface, giving agents the ability to access them immediately.

As a Zendesk partner, ION will provide you the guidance and support needed to have a fully integrated service offering.

Speak to ION About using Zendesk in your business

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