Built on Salesforce, the worlds number 1 CRM, Certinia provides a fully integrated ERP solution.

The CFOs choice for Technology.

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Delivering a complete 360° view of your business

Often sales and finance teams will work from different systems and rely on manual intervention to transfer information from one system to another.

With Certinia Accounting, business operations are aligned from end-to-end. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, information flows through the system seamlessly, allowing all departments to focus on their key activities.

Unlocking real-time information with cloud-accounting

Certinia Accounting software is one of the leading cloud accounting solutions, enabling businesses to make confident decision making with access to real-time information, all the time.

Empowering all decision-makers in the organisation, the powerful cloud tool can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Automated consolidation for multiple entities

Manage multiple companies, perform inter company transactions, and utilise multiple currencies in one system without manual consolidation.

Ideal for international businesses or those with multiple entities, Certinia Accounting allows you to manage all business accounts in one view.

Powerful reports to improve operational efficiency

With powerful multi-dimensional reporting, Certinia Accounting gives the entire team access to the information that they need the most.

With customisable reports, in-depth analysis and modelling, Certinia Accounting moves beyond statements and reporting, providing in-depth analysis to improve business operations.

Leading cloud-accounting, native to Salesforce

Built on the Salesforce platform and with an intuitive system display, get everyone in the organisation working from one system to improve visibility and collaboration from opportunity to cash.

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