Utility Bidder
Corby, UK
Working with ION has been great. From the start they worked closely with our team to identify what we needed and have supported us through every step of this project. Thanks to the whole team.
Mark Robson
Chief Financial Officer
Utility Bidder

Utility Bidder select ION to lead digital transformation with Salesforce

About Utility Bidder

Utility Bidder work on behalf of businesses as a broker to search the utilities market for the best deals and assist them through out the process.

UtilityBidder previously used a custom-built CRM system, with UD Group API integration and wanted to move to a cloud-based market leading CRM system that would enable them to roll-out the system to other business as they were acquired on their growth journey.


The key requirements of Utility Bidder was to have a cloud-based CRM system that would provide them with sales and contract management across different sales and contract managements.

Requiring one system that will align all of their processes to drive performance and improve efficiency through having multiple product lead generation. They wanted a system that would introduce lead scoring to highlight which leads have the most potential.

Utility Bidder + Salesforce

Through Salesforce Pardot, Sales Cloud,UD Group API Integration and TalkDesk telephony integration, Utility Bidder achieved an increase in marketing lead conversion by 36% and an average of 26%reduction in their sales cycle length.

UtilityBidder have also been able to roll out the Salesforce system a water provider business that they have acquired, which has validated their ability to scale using this system.

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