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Newcastle, UK
Iam sold

IAM Sold reduce sales cycle and increase lead conversion with Salesforce

About IAM Sold (iamproperty)

iamproperty offers end-to-end services to EstateAgents including auction, conveyancing, compliance and moving all under one roof. iamproperty is also the largest independent residential auctioneer in the UK. They help EstateAgents extend their offering with an end-to-end auction service for their buyers and sellers.

iamproperty previously used a combination of Mailchimp Marketing and a custom CRM system and due to the accelerated growth of iamproperty, these systems were not able to support the company in its scale and growth ambitions.


iamproperty wanted a cloud based and centralised solution to standardise their operations across multiple entities of their business with a key focus on manage their ongoing leads and conversions, tracking their marketing efforts through to soft drops and converting individual estate agent branches into accounts more effectively than their current disperate systems.

IAM Sold + Salesforce

iamproperty achieved an average of 30% reduction in their sales cycle length and also an increase in marketing lead conversion by 20% in their first year in running Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Cloud into their business.

iamproperty were also able to significantly improve their lead follow-up process by better qualification of leads from automated marketing activities into their Salesforce CRM.

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