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Using FinancialForce to empower Daons pioneering biometrics

About Daon

Daon provide pioneered methods for securely and conveniently combining biometric and identity capabilities, specifically Identity XPlatform, an omni-channel approach to biometric authentication, allows users to mix and match security factors of the past with security factors of today.Their products help manage identities in six continents, across the full identity lifecycle including onboarding, authentication and recovery, this eliminating the threat of security breaches and fraud.

Daon wanted to transition from Dynamics NAV2009 as it didn’t provide revenue recognition and billing, project management process capability and quality reporting.


The main objective of Daon was to integrate their centralised Salesforce system into their Finance and ERP solutions to allow them to have seamless integration in their lead-to-ledger processes across the company.

The other key ERP objectives for Daon were to improve the bank reconciliation process, improve monthly reporting and consolidation of accounts.

Daon + FinancialForce

Through the FinancialForce ERP and PSA solutions, Daon were able to successfully and seamlessly integrate these solutions with Salesforce.

AsFinancialForce provides links from the ERP system directly to Daon’s bank, bank reconciliations are now automated which as reduced a large amount of time within the Daon Finance function had previously spent on performing this task manually.

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