Why you should connect Salesforce to your Finance solution

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

When your financial management system and CRM software don’t communicate your Sales and Finance teams don’t share a single view of customer interactions. As a result,disjointed processes and confined information silos make gaining customers insights difficult.

As Salesforce specialists, ION Financial Transformation Solutions were specifically selected to be on platform, or fully integrate with Salesforce.This enables united, industry leading cloud financial management solutions,with the worlds best cloud CRM, Salesforce.

Accelerate order-to-cash cycles by up to 75%

Fully automate your order-to-cash process. Send Salesforce contracts, orders,and projects into your finance system with a single click, automatically on save, or in batch. No more re-keying Salesforce data into your accounting solution. Automatically trigger invoicing and revenue recognition from the contract, order, or project to get invoices out in minutes, not days. More timely, accurate billing helps reduce days sales outstanding, bringing cash to your business sooner.

Streamline communication and collaboration

Sales works in Salesforce CRM - pricing, billing and payments are easily visible for finance. Accounting is managed through your financial solution.With a connected solution everyone stays up to date—without the time consuming re-keying of information, phone calls or emails, and jumping between systems.

Focus on your business, not your integration

With ION being experts in Salesforce and Finance Solutions it is easy to deploy on-platform or integrate. ION can manage the connection between CRM & Finance, allowing you to focus on what matters - accelerating success.

By connecting both CRM and Finance, a full 360 degree view of every customer can be established. The creation of an efficient collaboration engine between Sales and Accounting is achieved, and an automated lead-to-ledger process is created, that saves time, reduce errors, and accelerates cash flow.

All of this enables your business to accelerate growth whilst negating increasing processing times across functions and hierarchy.

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