Why James Bond uses Salesforce

Tom Ford suit? Tick. Omega watch? Tick. Aston Martin? Tick, tick, tick. James Bond uses the best of everything.  Therefore, it's only reasonable to assume he'd settle for nothing less than a world class technology platform to keep everything ‘on target’.With impeccable taste and a relentless lifestyle, Bond is a trailblazer.  He needs access to information and data from wherever he is, and he needs it yesterday. His decisions are made and executed, quite literally, in real-time.This man would be licensed to thrill with the power of Salesforce.  As a user.  A licensed user.


Let’s cut to the chase, security is going to be the number one priority for 007. Protecting the identity of his lead sources and secret organisations are paramount. Fortunately Salesforce can encrypt all of its data at source, using Salesforce Shield. Raoul Silva wouldn’t be cracking this one!


Britain’s favourite smooth-talking spy has international connections, friends and fauxs in every corner of the globe. Might be easier to keep track of these with the contacts object, especially when you consider he drinks martinis like a fish.

Data analytics and AI

We all know how useful James’ finds Q and his creations, imagine what he’d do with Einstein Analytics by his side. Already a sex symbol, we can just picture Daniel Craig’s pouting concentration face whilst he creates a new lens view. Steamier than the Casino Royale beach scene.

Systems integration

If there’s one thing JB isn’t, it’s a time-waster. The spy who loved me would know the pitfalls of siloed systems, and so he’d be using Einstein Activity Capture to suck details from his inbox directly into Salesforce. Who needs an intelligence service now?!

App Development

I have three words for you. Situational. Risk. Analysis.

Realtime Collaboration

If JB has no time to die, he has even less time to work on outdated information. Instead of dragging James into MI6 HQs for the occasional telling off, M could deliver stern one-liners through the power of Chatter.Can't argue with the facts.  We hope you enjoyed the article.If you're switched on like James and thinking of implementing the gold standard of CRMs, we'd love to hear from you.  ION is a Silver Partner, with a proven business transformation framework.

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