Ultimate Guide to Remote Working

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Over the last few weeks we have seen unprecedented change in the way most of us are working. ION mobilised and moved to remote working a couple of weeks ago, but while most of the team was used to working from home on occasion, none of us had been in a situation where everyone was working remotely.  We expect you, and many others, are in a similar position! A huge number of people and companies have shared their best tips and tricks for working from home over the last couple of weeks – which is great!  But we know this information can be overwhelming, so we’ve collated our own list of favourite resources and tips so you can have it all in one place. In this list-guide you can find links & advice on everything from setting up working at home, leading remotely, to balancing childcare, exercise and even how to maintain colleague friendships effectively.

"Since people can’t stop by your desk to clear up misunderstandings, it’s important to explain everything with thorough detail and share more information than you think is necessary." - It's OK to overshare.

The Best Guides for Remote Workers

GitLab’s Guide to All-RemoteGitLab is the world’s largest all-remote company so we think they may know a thing or two that we don’t!  Their tips and tricks can help your business get the up and running on remote-working in no-time.  They even have specific resources and tutorials for the steps on the transition to remote working.Hotjar: A List of Resources That Might Help if You’re New to Remote WorkBasically, an essential no-frills list of links to help you get started on remote working.Slack: Helpful How-tos for the Transition to Remote WorkThis guide from Slack offers their best hints & tips to successful home working to help you settle into a routine in no time.  The resources are primarily in-house created to address all aspects of working remotely.  Tips include ‘how to maximise productivity’ and ‘how to host remote meetings’.Loom: A Curated List of the Best Remote Work ResourcesA list of resources that help ease the move to working from home.  Here there are books, blogs, PDFs from all over the internet.SoftwareDonation.org: Tools to Help You During COVID-19Here is a list of tools to help as you and your company go remote.  There are tips on communication, collaboration, and even filesharing.  A great source to get started.Help Scout: Tips from 100+ Remote Workers and LeadersYes, its a lot of tips! But don’t be dissuaded, Help Scout is organised by talking points which helps you navigate easily to your top interests.Four Kitchens: The Quickstart Guide to Working from HomeA guide from a remote agency with quite a bit of expertise in their field.  It recommends only a couple of tools for each section in the guide – great if you want to have a short how-to guide to remote working.CNET: 3 Ways to Convert Any Desk Into a Standing DeskIf you hate sitting at a desk all day and really want to be standing on your feet then this is the guide for you! It offers a variety of interesting ways to convert your desk/worktop into a standing desk.Trello: How to Embrace Remote Work (PDF)This PDF from Trello is great if you are looking for a one-document-fits-all approach to guiding yourself and co-workers.  It offers some tested techniques from a variety of sources including Automattic, Buffer & Zapier

Staying Connected

Quip: Free Trial and free for Salesforce customersSalesforce customers get access to Quip for free until September to help businesses collaborate more effectively.  Quip helps you collaborate efficiently on the same documents, and even lets you sync with object in Salesforce.ZoomOne of the most popular meeting tools available.  Zoom suits all businesses of all sizes and allows everyone to be visible for video meeting.Calendly: Free Virtual Meeting Integrations UpdateCalendly is offering free integrations with Zoom & GoToMeeting to help ease companies transitions to remote working.  Free until June.Microsoft TeamsIncluded in many office365 subscriptions; Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integrationSlackOrganises chats into channels - organised spaces for everything related to a project, topic or team.  Allows for effective communication, wherever you are.Microsoft WhiteboardCollaborate on ideas at work with Whiteboard for the web, now integrated with Microsoft Teams. Give your ideas room to grow with Microsoft Whiteboard. Transform your work into professional-looking charts and shapes on an infinite canvas with an interface designed for pen, touch, and keyboard

Remote Leadership

Slack: The Manager’s Manual for Remote WorkA great guide to help leader’s transition to homeworking.  This guide helps promote team engagement, effective communication and productivity.OpenView: How to Keep Your Company Aligned While Your Whole Team Works RemotelyPractical advise from Executive coach Alisa Cohn on how to set-out a daily meeting as a “Virtual Situation Room.”Help Scout: How to Handle Conflict on Remote TeamsThis guide helps address ant team conflict that might arise when working remotely – Things happen, and this helps you address them.OpenView: How to Reduce Security Risks for Remote TeamsHow to secure your business’s security in a time when remote working is a requirement and not a nice-to-have.InVision: How to Build and Sustain Culture in a Remote EnvironmentInVision’s Dennis Field explains what it takes to have 700+ employees working across the world collaborating effectively.

Mental Health

Headspace: We’re Here for YouHeadspace is an app that helps you keep calm and de-stress through meditation, white noise and other tips.  To help people through the current crisis, Headspace is offering some of these free of charge.We Work Remotely: How To Keep Your Mental Health in Check When You Work From HomeA guide to help you deal with feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression.Calm: Deep BreathCalm has collated a number of guides to help alleviate anxiety and tension while you are working from home.

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