Salesforce Customer Story: Pink Shirtmaker is a Trailblazer

Learn how Pink Shirtmaker is combining classic clothing with the latest technology.

*Disclaimer: Salesforce Customer stories and other blog posts in this series are not ION clients*Using the Salesforce Customer 360 integration, Pink is able to build a customer profile that tracks information from every touchpoint.[embed][/embed]

So, what makes Pink Shirtmaker a Trailblazer?

"One UK company making full use of the latest developments is the classic clothing brand, Pink Shirtmaker. CEO Christopher Zanardi-Landi explained how Salesforce Customer 360 enables it to deliver bespoke service at scale, with a complete and up-to-date view of every customer driving incredible personalised experiences."

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Relaunching the brand was a catalyst for Pink's Salesforce journey, they wanted to realign with their core values and focus on the customer experience as a whole.  With a highly personalised yet convenient objective in mind, Pink uses the world's most powerful sales platform to blend the customers in store and online experience.

We’ll be exploring more case studies as part of our Customer Story series.  Curious about what Salesforce can do for your organisation?

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