Tuesday, March 30, 2021

ION has been awarded ISO 9001, the globally recognised quality management standard.

This certification recognises the effectiveness of ION’s Quality Management System, and how this helps to ensure the delivery of excellent customer service.

The ION team has delivered 100s of successful transformation projects, with a structured and thorough project delivery framework which helps to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

“We are proud to be recognised by ISO for our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. To be awarded such a highly regarded accreditation is a significant step for ION and demonstrates our commitment to quality. The ION team take pride in the support and time that they offer to customers and are delighted to now have the certification to support this.” – Rob Mathieson, Managing Director

The ION project methodology is built on a recognised framework which incorporates best practice techniques and ensures that quality is incorporated at every stage.

With a dedicated quality assurance professional assigned to each project; customer requirements are clearly defined and supported, from the initial planning stages through to testing and final delivery where they are on hand to validate the solution. In addition to a dedicated QA team, the ION team also employs a team of dedicated project managers that focus on supporting customer needs and reducing project risk to ensure projects are delivered at the expected standard and in the expected time period.  

“Passing the ISO 9001 audit was a crucial achievement for ION as we have a strong commitment to providing products and services which meet customer expectations and regulatory standards. ISO 9001 recognises ION’s hard work and ensures that we have the right controls in place to always meet these standards’ - Graham Thornton, Test Manager

The ISO 9001 accreditation supports ION’s deliverable values by highlighting the commitment the company has in providing quality work to existing and potential customers. As the company continues to expand, ION will persist to challenge itself and improve the way it works to always understand the needs of its customers, employees, and key external stakeholders.

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