ION's Year in Numbers - 2023 Wrapped

Friday, December 22, 2023

1. Team Expansion: Welcoming 9 New Members

2023 saw ION grow in more ways than one. Our thriving team is fueled by the passion and expertise of its members. In the past year, ION proudly welcomed nine new members to its ranks. These individuals bring diverse skills and perspectives, contributing to the collective success of the ION family.

2. Empowering Education: 167 More Schools using Sage Intacct

Education lies at the heart of ION's mission, and this year, we have taken significant strides in boosting efficiency in the financial workflows of multi-academy trusts across the country. 2023 saw 167 additional schools added to our financial system.  

3. Greening Our Commute: 178,868 Miles Saved through Hybrid Working

In embracing hybrid working models, ION has not only enhanced work-life balance but also made a positive impact on the environment. Our collective efforts have saved an impressive 178,868 miles in commute distance. This reduction translates into a substantial decrease in carbon emissions and is equivalent to planting 748 trees.  

4. Community Investment: £3,999 Worth of Equipment Donated to Local Schools

Recognizing the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the local community, ION has invested in local education by donating equipment worth £3,999 to schools as part of our Hardware Recycling Initiative. This initiative not only helps us give back to the communities around us, but also contributes to creating conducive learning environments for students.

5. Financial Impact: £600 Million of School Funding Processed through ION Systems

The impact of ION's financial solutions resonates on a grand scale. By the end of 2023, we have processed a staggering £600 million of school funding through our systems. This significant milestone underscores the trust and reliance that educational institutions place in ION to streamline their financial processes.

6. Number 1 Intacct Partner

We finished the year winning the prestigious accolade on Sage Intacct Partner of the Year, at the Sage Partner Kickoff 2024. Number 1 is our favourite number so far!

ION's journey in 2023 has been marked by growth, impact, and sustainability. As we step into the future, these numbers serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and making a positive difference to both education and the world around us.

Here's to another year of growth, collaboration, and meaningful impact!

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