ION achieve 95% renewable energy with Sage and AWS

Friday, February 17, 2023

Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the UK and Ireland is powered by 95%renewable energy, meaning the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform is well on the way to meeting its ambitious target for 100%renewable energy by 2025.

AWS has made corporate social responsibility (CSR) a priority and has taken steps to address various social and environmental issues. AWS's CSR initiatives are focused on three key areas: sustainability, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

In terms of community engagement, AWS has launched a number of programmes and initiatives that aim to empower and support under-served and under-represented communities. These include programmes that provide education and training opportunities in cloud computing, as well as initiatives that support disaster relief efforts and non-profits around the world.

AWS is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within its own workforce and in the tech industry as a whole. AWS has developed several programs to support underrepresented groups in technology, such as the AWS re/Start program, which provides free training and job placement for unemployed and underemployed individuals in the IT industry.

The achievements and robust plan for sustainable futures will be reassuring to ethical organisations looking to cloud accounting solutions as part of their strategy, meaning security, scalability and reliability need not cost the earth.

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