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Saturday, January 18, 2020

As a Salesforce partner, it might not surprise you that we built our business on the Salesforce platform, but we had to invest in licenses and time, just the same as our customers. That’s why we made sure we built an incredible solution, enabling us to really scale ION over the next few years.In this article, we cover the following products that make up the backbone of our sales, service, operations, and marketing:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Quip
  • Communities

Sales Cloud

At the heart of our business is the CRM and sales management system, Sales Cloud. It looks after every aspect of our pipeline, from lead process, to opportunity management. We use it for tracking activity, task management and powerful reports and insights, that shape how we direct the business. We even have our Office 365 integrated with it, so all communications to and from our customers are automatically logged, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.To ensure we have a complete view of our business, we auto-magically create a new project every time we win a sales opportunity. It then integrates with our project management software, allowing us to see real-time data on every project we deliver, such as the current margin. Alongside that we have a custom Invoice object, allowing us to schedule revenue and project our cash flow over the following years.

Service Cloud

Customer service is paramount to ION, therefore investing in the best product was essential to us. Many of our customers have Managed Services contracts with us, meaning they have allocated resources and agreed SLAs. This is about trust and service.Service Cloud allows us to monitor our support levels and ensure that we are providing a world-class facility. Our case management process tracks various data, for example, product, functions, issue, etc. This allows us to build a unique view of our customers, their products and the overall performance of their solution.Automating updates to customers ensures they are always in the loop and have the necessary information needed.


Pardot is ION’s latest investment. With plans for high growth and excellent customer communications, it will become the central hub for all personalised marketing activities across the business.The ION team has carefully mapped each stage of our lead generation process, how we communicate with new customers, the assets we use and the expected outcomes. This journey has allowed us to craft an engagement process that helps each of our customers through their buying decisions.As we roll this out, it will also allow all of our contacts to manage their communications preferences with us, ensuring they get exactly what they want.


Quip arrived into the world of ION ahead of schedule - as you might expect when a company mass shifts from office based to remote working (COVID-19). Quip is a collaborative tool that integrates with Salesforce, meaning we can store document templates directly on a Salesforce record that will autopopulate and pull fields when generated. For example, we can store Account Plans and Roadmaps on an Account record, or Closing Plans on an Opportunity record. We can also pull tables and reports from Salesforce into a Quip document. This ensures information on documents is live, and helps new team members easily navigate the system.


Salesforce Communities is the next step on our implementation journey. We’ll be rolling this out to customers in 2020, allowing our clients to process support cases, access knowledge articles, and video content. The ION branded portal will complement our website and allow us to scale the business through self-service and close community collaboration.There are so many more technologies for us to utilise, including Einstein, Salesforce's AI platform. It’s something we are incredibly excited about.

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