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Saturday, January 18, 2020

As a fast-growing business, ION was looking for a CRM solution that would enable us to align our business, from sales opportunities to customer support management, document storage to marketing.

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, there was only one solution that we knew was right for our business's needs and fast-growth potential. Our Salesforce platform has enabled us to scale ION by aligning both our teams and services to make for a more efficient business.

We have adopted several products from Salesforce that make up the backbone of our sales, operations, and marketing. In this article, we delve deeper into these products and how they have helped us transform our processes.


At the heart of our business is the CRM and Sales Management System, Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you full visibility of your sales cycle, funnel, and pipeline. It allows you truly focus on acquiring new, high-quality customers and enables your sales team to make decisions quickly on how to attract new customers.

Sales Cloud has allowed ION to actively track sales activities, manage tasks successfully and produce powerful reports to shape our development of business. Now equipped with a strategic and transparent overview of our business, Sales Cloud has allowed us to schedule revenue and cash flow to track future opportunities against existing business.  


A cloud-based customer service management solution, Salesforce Service Cloud is here to ensure that IONs support teams are delivering world-class service to our existing customers.

Integrated with a range of communication tools, Service Cloud enables businesses to optimise workflows to achieve rapid and accurate customer service. With full visibility of customers, Service Cloud enables you to increase customer satisfaction and retention, boosting your customers' lifetime value.

For ION, Service Cloud has enabled us to give our customers a personalised experience and keep them in the loop using customised workflows. Building a loyal customer base is vital to ION and Service Cloud has allowed us to manage our existing customers effectively. In addition, as we offer managed services packages, Service Cloud manages our customer's allocated resources and agreed SLA’s allowing our teams to deliver managed services at a personalised and professional level.


Pardot is a marketing automation tool that enables the business to carry out personalised marketing activities to build meaningful connections.

ION first implemented Pardot to assist in our lead generation and engagement processes that would align with our marketing activities to aid businesses along their buying journey. Now, we rely on Pardot to carefully craft email marketing and PPC journeys to ensure we are reaching customers at each touchpoint. This has allowed us to attract a wider audience and build better connections with our target market.


A powerful collaboration tool and Salesforce’s productivity platform, Quip integrates with Salesforce to reimagine the sales process and embed documents into the CRM system. Allowing teams to collaborate easily, Quip is the ideal solution for businesses working remotely or from multiple locations.

Embedded into ION before the Covid-19 pandemic, Quip soon became a vital application to keep the business's momentum going. Quip allowed our teams to work from one centralised platform across different locations. Amidst home working, Quip was the ideal solution for ION that allowed our processes to work as normal despite our business changing to a working from home environment.


A new addition to ION’s day-to-day management cycle, FinancialForce PSA has allowed our business and operations to align completely. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, FinancialForce PSA is the powerful platform aligning project and services delivery.

As a FinancialForce Partner and Reseller, when it came to looking for a new operations and project management platform – FinancialForce was the only solution for us.

Equipped with a variety of features to supercharge business growth, FinancialForce PSA has allowed us to maximise resources and utilisation. Automating our project, customers, and resource management processes, FinancialForce PSA has allowed us to build efficiency across our whole operational processes.


ION is built on the world’s #1 CRM system.

Adopting both Salesforce and FinancialForce PSA has given us a visible outlook of our customers, projects, and overall business. This has allowed us to actively make decisions that benefit our business growth potential and monitor our operations, sales, and marketing activities efficiently.

Integrating Sales and Service Cloud, Pardot, and Quip into our Salesforce platform has allowed ION teams to collaborate sufficiently and keep business flowing.

Create a more efficient and profitable business with salesforce – Learn more about Salesforce here.

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