International Women's Day 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we caught up with four of the women who help to run ION. As a technology-based business, we wanted to address the stigma around women in tech and find out what the females in our business think about being a woman in this often-male dominated sector.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in tech?

As a woman in tech, you need to have the confidence to challenge the ‘norms’. Often, when people think of tech, they think of men. Being a woman in this sector just shows that we need to challenge some viewpoints. Women belong in tech, too ­- Emily.

Why is International Women's Day important to you?

The representation of women in business has come on tremendously but we still have work to do, so it is important we highlight the work of women and how this is positively impacting businesses- Faye.

Men are more likely to become CEO’s, so we need more diversity at leadership levels.  International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to start these conversations- Becky.

Although it’s important to acknowledge that society has developed regarding gender equality, IWD is an important reminder that there is still a long way to go- Liv

Do you think there is a stereotype attached to women in tech?

Definitely! I often get people asking about my position as a Project Manager. I think there is a stereotype attached to certain positions within a company and International Women’s Day is a good opportunity to address these issues- Emily

100%. In any male dominated sector, there always seems to be people questioning why a woman would want to enter that sector. What we need to remember is that society has evolved, and Women can be whoever and whatever they want to be- Liv

What advice would you give to a woman starting a career in tech?

You are a person starting in tech, expect the same opportunities as anyone else- Becky

Getting into the tech sector is a great career move for anyone, regardless of their gender. My advice to all women starting their careers is to surround themselves with people they want to learn from and who empower them to improve- Faye

I would definitely inspire and encourage future generations to choose a career in tech.- Emily


What’s your International Women’s Day message?  

You have a voice, speak up- Becky

We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced and speak out- Emily

Having the representation of other women has been crucial for me throughout my career.  So, my IWD message is a thanks to all the women who have guided me and shown me how to break down barriers- Faye

"At ION, we work with a wide range of women both within our business and amongst our customers. Women in both the technology and finance sectors are unfortunately still under-represented, but as a business we are proud to have a diverse workforce and champion the role of women across our teams. We are engaging with more and more professional women both as customers and within our partners base, so I am confident that the amount of women developing careers in finance and technology will continue to increase" - Rob Mathieson, Managing Director

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