Financial Transformation: Wifinity access the power of cloud-accounting technologies

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wifinity has completed its first phase of Financial Transformation with ION. The business contracted ION to deploy cloud-based accounting systems into their organisation, leveraging ION's financial and technical expertise.

Wifinity was set up 11 years ago with the aim of building and running the best wifi networks. They pride themselves on using modern tools to provide secure, easy onboarding wifi and a result work with large organisations, including the Ministry of Defence and holiday parks.Since 2016, ION has specialised in business and financial transformation services. These solutions are delivered via Salesforce platform technologies, and high-performance cloud-based accounting solutions.ION’s team of experienced accountancy software consultants worked with Wifinity to provide a powerful solution that included the introduction of multi-dimensional accounting. This allowed Wifinity to utilise powerful data, reporting on intricate details of every transaction and in providing depth insights and analytics, using Salesforce’s powerful reporting tools. Key financial data can be presented in aesthetic dashboards that click through to granular reports.The software implementation directly integrated with their existing Salesforce CRM, permitting Wifinity to streamline the process all the way from order to invoice, whilst keeping a complete audit trail and providing detailed analytics.Following the implementation, Wifinity has continued to contract with ION, working with the team to help with any system queries, training and ongoing development. This ensures they have the highest quality internal cloud solution, enabling them to provide the highest quality cloud wifi products.Rob Mathieson, Managing Director at ION said “Wifinity have a tremendous business, with astonishing growth. Its been a pleasure to work with their team and enable them to transition onto a high-performance solution.”

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