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With increased competition, small numbers of leads and long sales cycles, building a sales pipeline can be a huge challenge for a business, not to mention the individual. Pursuing cold leads and converting them to a sale can be an expensive and frustrating task.

Instead, businesses should be considering how they can sell smarter and faster. Introducing technology-based sales systems and processes, can completely transform how a sales team operates, increasing new opportunities, revenues and profits. A customer relationship management (CRM) system enables businesses of any size to do just that. Connecting your team with current and potential customers provides the power to increase productivity and keep pipelines alive with solid leads and opportunities, enabling your team to work both smarter and faster.

The arrival of cloud technologies means your business can now access any customer information on any device, at any location.With the correct system in place, the sales team can sell the right product to the right client at the right time, tracking an opportunity from prospecting and qualification to proposal and closing the deal all in one place.By understanding customers and their buying process, as well as being armed with their personal marketing data and social insights, businesses can maximise their chances of closing a sale.

Owners can also stay ahead of problematic areas such as underperforming sales representative or a low revenue month.By using products such as Salesforce CRM, customers have typically seen an increase productivity by 44%, an increase in the speed of a deal closure by 38% and an overall increase in sales revenue of around 37%.Increasing efficiency, productivity and revenue is ultimately every company’s goal, giving you the chance to enjoy running your business again.

Gosforth-based tech firm ION enables its customers to sell smarter and faster, rapidly accelerate growth and outperform their competitors at every level.

This is achieved through the implementation of Salesforce CRM, enterprise cloud technologies and the tactical delivery of business transformation services.ION is a Salesforce registered consulting partner, specialising in energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and fast-growth SME markets.

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