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Rradar implement FinancialForce for full ERP

About Rradar

Rradar Limited are a specialist litigation and commercial law firm that uses legal expertise and digital tools to proactively manage, advise and deliver business solutions to reduce legal risk. They also specialise in the education and prevention of legal crises in the first place.

Rradar, over time, had developed a system landscape in which multiple systems were unable to be integrated, nor were customizable in a way that Rradar needed for a complex business. This was proving a major inhibitor in the scale of growth.


The key objective of the project for Rradar was delivering a solution that could scale, be multi-jurisdictional and accessible anywhere via any device.

Rradar also wanted to move away from physical server estate in a truly and best-in-class secure cloud-based solution that would provide a single source of truth, accurate and real-time data with a 360-degree view of their customers.

Rradar + FinancialForce Accounting

Working alongside Third Eye Salesforce Consultancy Partner in London, we implemented their accounting solution with FinancialForce, as a trusted partner and expert in the role of Financial Infrastructure within this ecosystem.

The first phase included Salesforce Sales Cloud, FinancialForce Accounting and billing Central. Phase 2 will be focused on the billing processes for Rradar and will be scheduled in the future. This will include Salesforce CPQ and MatterManagement and Financial Billing changes and Spend, Revenue Management.

Through Salesforce and FinancialForce, the integration and automation ability of the centralised ERP solution has allowed Rradar to make better-informed decisions about their customers and operational performance, while also significantly reducing manual processing time from the members of their Finance function, which as a result, has allowed them to re-focus this time saving into the performance of other key tasks within the Finance function.

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