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Pentest achieve closing their month end period reporting within 5 days

About Pen Test Partners

Pen Test Partners provides cybersecurity consulting and testing to a huge variety of industries and organisations. They also do a lot of security research which the press, governments, and consumer groups and watchdogs follow and use to help improve everyone’s privacy and security.

PenTest Partners wanted to move away from Sage50 to a Finance solution that could integrate with Salesforce.


The key objective of the project for PenTest was part of this project was to reduce their month end period reporting significantly.

In addition, PenTest had similar objectives to our other customers, including the automation of theirFinance processes to streamline their business, the ability to consolidate accounts and improvement of their monthly reporting capability.

Pen Test Partners + FinancialForce

ThroughFinancialForce, Pentest were able to achieve closing their month end period reporting within 5 days which was a significant improvement from Sage 50.

The automation ability of FinancialForce has also significantly reduced time the manual processing time from the members of their Finance function, which as a result, has allowed them to re-focus this time saving into the performance of other key tasks within the Finance function.

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