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Delta Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust based in the United Kingdom, formed of 53 academies. The trust operates a group of academies, providing education to students across different age groups. As a growing educational organisation, Delta Academies Trust required a robust financial management solution to streamline their accounting processes and enhance financial visibility.

Delta Academies Trust faced challenges in effectively managing their finances due to their growing scale and complexity. The existing manual and paper-based accounting system led to inefficiencies, lack of real-time financial insights, and increased chances of errors. The trust needed a comprehensive financial management solution that could automate the accounting processes, provide accurate reports, and integrate with their existing systems.

To address these challenges, Delta Academies Trust decided to partner with ION to implement Sage Intacct for Education, a true-cloud financial management solution designed specifically for educational institutions.

Sage Intacct for Education offers a wide range of features tailored to the needs of educational organisations, including multi-entity management, budgeting, reporting and analytics, accounts payable and receivable, and integration capabilities. The implementation involved migrating existing financial data and configuring Sage Intacct to meet the trust's unique requirements.

Under the guidance of Ion Industries Limited, the implementation process followed a structured approach, which involved gathering detailed requirements, configuring the system, training the finance team, and conducting thorough testing before the go-live.

Once the implementation was complete, Delta Academies Trust experienced numerous benefits from utilising Sage Intacct for Education:

  1. Streamlined Accounting Processes: The trust's finance team now benefits from automated workflows, reducing manual efforts and the risk of errors. Routine tasks such as accounts payable, revenue recognition, and     inter-entity transactions are now efficiently handled within the system.
  2. Real-time Financial Visibility: With Sage Intacct's robust reporting and analytics capabilities, Delta Academies Trust gained real-time visibility into their financial data. They can generate accurate     financial reports, monitor financial performance, and make informed     decisions based on up-to-date information.
  3. Improved Integration: Sage Intacct seamlessly integrates with the trust's existing systems, enhancing data integrity and eliminating the need for manual data entry. This has resulted in a more     integrated and efficient financial ecosystem.

The collaboration between Delta Academies Trust and ION resulted in the successful implementation of Sage Intacct for Education, enabling the trust to streamline their financial management processes and gain real-time financial visibility. By choosing an industry-specific solution, Delta Academies Trust has unlocked the potential for further growth and success.

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