The Power of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is the new standard for accountancy solutions and provides organisations access to real-time data, anywhere, at any time.

Cloud accounting is the new standard for accountancy solutions and provides organisations access to real-time data, anywhere, at any time.  This enables actionable insights into your finances and business needs, allowing increased adaption in an ever-changing world.

Cloud CRM, Accounting and ERP systems allow organisations to operate without limits, wherever they are, and no matter what is happening in the world.   Access to real-time information can be invaluable to business scale-ability, growth, and sometimes, even survival.

31% of all Digital Transformation initiatives are migrating systems to the cloud, at the core of these systems is the Accounting & ERP function, a system that connects to both front-office and back-office systems.


Connected platform

Operate entirely from one central platform. Connect your solution to thousands of other applications, including your bank accounts, enabling you to run your operations seamlessly and in one place. Replace multiple apps and server-based solutions with one automated, complete platform that displays data in real-time without location restrictions.

Efficient solution

Efficiency is a key feature of cloud accounting. Automation of mundane business processes reduce the human costs and risks, whether that’s invoice creation, bank imports, transaction matching, or reconciliation. You can also build a powerful approval process that will ensure governance and improve internal efficiencies.

Data Security

Securely share data with access permissions and user restrictions unique to your organisation. Control sharing rules, roles, and delegated administration capabilities to ensure that access is controlled, but adaptable.


With cloud adoption users have a fully flexible operating dynamic, being able to access anywhere and allowing for scalability through managing multiple locations, currencies, languages, and dimensions for reporting.

Better Business Insights

Bring your management reports alive with data you had never previously been able to access. View real-time information with powerful multi-dimensional accounting. Integrate with a wide range of cloud-based functions to drive data-rich reporting and increase productivity.


The cloud involves no physical setup costs for servers or associated hardware.  Adhoc scale-ability, integrations, ease of access, and advanced reporting all drive efficiency business-wide and reduce costs.

Cloud Accounting enables a more dynamic way of working; pulling together the disparate systems and accelerating the speed at which we can adapt to an ever-changing world.   By adopting cloud Accounting & ERP technology, businesses are prepared, informed, and agile.  Allowing for a scalable future.

ION is a leading UK specialist in Financial Transformation, through the application of cloud-accounting technologies.

This enables businesses to deploy a range of cloud technologies, from Cloud Accounting to CRM, tailoring a solution that suits their organisations, requirements, budget, and timescales.

Full range of services, including:

Advisory and diagnostic

  • System Implementation
  • Product training
  • Solution Support

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