3 Ways Cloud Subscription Management Technology Can Help Publishers Stick To GDPR Compliance

Effective since 2018, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has been a mandatory standard that companies must adhere to when collecting, storing, or processing the data of EU residents.

Although relevant for all companies, GDPR compliance has a higher effect on SaaS and Subscription-based businesses, with these organisations needed to be more transparent on how they store customer data.

Along with ensuring that the organisation itself complies with GDPR; Publishers and Digital Subscription Businesses alike will need to ensure that their suppliers and subscription billing technologies also meet the standard practice of data protection.

Investing in flexible and robust systems is a huge step in ensuring GDPR is set into the everyday operations of subscription businesses. Once a stressful process falling into the hands of Data Protection Officers, growing publishing companies are now relying on their cloud-based subscription platforms to monitor and manage data protection laws.

But, how does cloud technology keep your business GDRP compliant?

In this article, we discover 3 ways that a powerful subscription, billing, and revenue platform, Chargebee for Publishers, can assist in keeping your customers' data protected.  


Chargebee for Publishers is a cutting-edge subscription billing and revenue management system crafted to suit the requirements of publishing companies and online digital media organisations who offer paywall content. With an array of features and benefits, Chargebee for Publishers is the ideal subscription solution transforming subscription processes to ultimately reduce customer churn and increase revenue.

More importantly, Chargebee for Publishers meets a range of internationally recognised standards, including GDPR, PCI DSS Level 1, and DPA. The platform offers organisations the ability to meet recognised standards by hosting in-app features that enable businesses to collect and store customer data in line with data laws and GDPR.

These features enable organisations to move forward,without being hindered by data regulation saving both time and hassle for finance, customer management, and data-focused staff members.


Chargebee for Publishers believes that successful subscription-based businesses are those that allow their customers to edit and manage their subscriptions. Along with giving your customers more freedom, Chargebee for Publishers Self-Serve Portals can also help in your compliance with GDPR.

Accessed either by login or an integrated API, customers can access their subscription data and edit their information accordingly. All personal details on the self-service portal are editable so users can choose which information to provide.

This enables the system to be inclusive of all relevant and accurate data and gives publishing companies the peace of mind that customer data is up to date.


Chargebee for Publishers hosts a clever in-app feature, known as Personal Data Management, that enables you to configure the system to delete the personal information of users who no longer wish to use your subscription service.

As an easy set-up, Personal Data Management is the perfect solution, that enables organisations to decide which information is required to be deleted once a customer cancels their subscription, and at what time the data will be deleted.

This enables companies to adhere to GDPR standards, by allowing Chargebee for Publishers admin users to monitor the collection of data and delete any information that is no longer needed. For subscription companies, this feature is vital in knowing that all stored data is correct and protected at all times.


Chargebee for Publishers certifies its compliance to EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks. This means that the platform adheres to the data protection laws that allow data to be transferred from the EU and Switzerland to the US.

For transatlantic publishers looking to adopt a cloud subscription billing platform, this information is vital in recognising how cloud technology can protect the transferring of data across several countries, whilst keeping business in line with data protection regulations.


Overall, Chargebee for Publishers is the perfect subscription solution for magazine, newspaper,and digital media publishers who require a powerful platform that ensures all subscription data is protected and stored correctly in line with GDPR compliance.

GDPR is a regulation that affects all businesses, but arguably has the biggest effect on subscription-based businesses. Luckily, technological advances have allowed publishing companies to adhere to certain regulations and manage subscriptions, from one centralised platform.

Want to learn more? See Chargebee for Publishers in action here or contact our team.

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