Financial Transformation

What is Financial Transformation and how can it propel your business forward

Financial Transformation utilises the power of intelligent cloud-accounting technologies to enable strategic change-management within an organisation's finance function.

The Goal of Financial Transformation

The primary aim of Financial Transformation is to increase overall organisational profitability, enabling growth through scalability, and adherence to organisational controls and governance.

Financial Transformation exists to empower the finance function, actively influencing organisational leadership to make better business decisions through informed, and up-to-date metrics and actionable insights.  It enables the finance function to focus on delivering the right management information at the right time.

How Financial Transformation is achieved?

Financial Transformation is achieved through the adoption and advocacy of cloud-accounting technologies within organisations - at the core of this technology is a selected cloud platform that allows the connection of organisation-wide applications to the finance function.  

By adopting a central cloud solution, organisations create an automated and integrated finance function, devoid of manual-tasks, empowering finance leaders with advanced reporting tools, and up-to-the-minute data; fundamentally changing the way fiance teams can affect change within the organisation, with a proactive, adaptive, and more accurate approach to financial analysis.

  • Reduce manual processes with workflows and automations
  • Access your data, from anywhere, on any device
  • Reduced administrative cost and human error
  • Integrate multiple data sources
  • Real-time management data and multi-dimensional analytics tools
  • Powerful company consolidation reports
  • Disaster protection and remote working

“Financial Transformation rewards finance leaders with one crucial resource, Time.”

With the reduction in manual tasks, elimination of human error, automation of internal processes, and rapid reporting - finance teams can devote more time to the analysis of organisational profitability and can influence positive change throughout the organisational and management functions.

What ION can deliver

As impartial cloud specialists; ION use a holistic consulting approach to recommend the best solutions for your organisation.   ION utilises a unique Financial Transformation model to leverage solution provider partnerships and consulting expertise to deliver cloud technology adoption plans that empower business’s and accelerate growth.  

Our core specialisms enable you use technology to do more, for less.

Changes are primarily made through aligning accounting systems with the overall company strategy to increase efficiency and deliver a holistic business solution.

Why transform the way you operate financially?

Empower finance teams to add significant value to your business, from improving current operations to deliver services quicker, more cost-effective and with better controls.

Increase profitability through enhanced KPI reporting, allowing dynamic pivoting of organisational tactics in a timely manner.

Reduce time on manual tasks through automated workflows and integrated solutions.

Facilitate scalability through a solution that delivers key metrics without the time and monetary constraints.  Add and deploy additional entities with ease.

Is Financial Transformation for you?

Are you in a large or fast-growing business? Are legacy systems not providing the data that you need? Are you sick of exporting data to spreadsheets and manipulating it? Is it time to change?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you need to transform your accounting systems and ION can assist you

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