7 Things You Didnt Know ARe in Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a very comprehensive tool, but most people don't realise how powerful it is. Here are 7 things that will change your business forever.


A case is a customer’s question, feedback, or issue. Cases are raised by customers and utilized by support agents to review and feedback to clients. Providing customers with a service that allows them to log cases improves the customer experience whilst enhancing your brand and ensuring you can rectify any issues.


Assets represent the specific products your customers have purchased, unlike products that represent the items that your company sells. Assets can be used to store information and your customers' products, such as serial numbers, purchase date and other information related to the product and individual sale. Assets are particularly useful for companies who sell products that need servicing, you can log assets against a customer and use automation to remind you when the asset needs servicing.


Contracts in Salesforce work similarly to how contracts work in real life, just automated. Salesforce can document contracts and have them automatically sent out and tracked through approval processes using workflow alerts to remind you of any returned contracts or renewals.

Activity Capture

Einstein activity capture connects with your email application to sync calendar, emails, and contacts. This means conversations and meetings can be logged against the related account, contact, contract lead and opportunity to provide complete company transparency allowing multiple sales users to work on each contact and have full visibility for seamless customer experience.

Price Books

Price books log the prices of products and services that your company offers to customers. There is a master list of all products and their usual price stored in a standard price. When you are creating a quote, you can then pull these pre-stored products and their corresponding prices through to automatically generate a total price.

Integrated contact form

Generate up to 500 leads per day automatically utilizing prospecting data from your company's website visitors. By setting up a web to lead form on your website, Salesforce automatically captures prospects who submit the form and enters them straight into leads ready for your sales team to nurture. Once the form is submitted it is also possible to set up a redirect location pointing the prospects to alternative web pages that contribute to the success of the campaign.

Custom Objects

Objects in Salesforce store your information, such as contacts and accounts. Custom objects allow you to store information that is specific to your organization.

When you create a custom object, a customizable user interface is created off the back of it, with tailored functionality that permits increased productivity.

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