Salesforce Anywhere: Sell Anywhere, Service Anywhere, Market Anywhere.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

If you can sell, service and market to your customers from anywhere, then why not by the swimming pool?

Large organisations have taken the lead - WFH is here to stay, at least partially.

There have been a few positives as a result of lockdown for office-based workers; work / life balances are flourishing thanks to lack of commutes, slowed down morning routines mean staff are starting their day well rested, and eating a home cooked meal straight from your kitchen (without a rush time rattle about in tupperware) is always preferable.

As a nation, we rose to the challenge of working from our living rooms, spare bedrooms, and even gardens on the odd sunny day.  We’re now working from anywhere, forever, and what a glorious thought that is.

Salesforce was already built for on the go and remote collaboration.  The 360 degree view of a customer has been instrumental in the success of various businesses, keeping sales and service teams in the loop. In true Salesforce fashion however, they have stepped up to the plate further and brought with them the soon-to-be-released Salesforce Anywhere.

Salesforce Anywhere aims to bring a seamless workflow, meaning you can do your job without leaving the app.  Keep up.

With Salesforce Anywhere organisations can:

  • Sell, service, market and more from anywhere with Customer 360.
  • Collaborate from anywhere: chat, alerts, comments and video built directly into Salesforce.
  • Work from anywhere: build, manage and scale employee apps quickly and securely.
  • Use data from anywhere: insights from any source to make better decisions, fast.
  • Skill up from anywhere: trailhead delivers new content and ai-powered learning recommendations.

Let us set the scene.

You get a notification on your phone, one of your sales reps has moved a potential deal from Scoping to Proposal.  You swipe across to open, and you can easily transition into a group chat regarding the Opportunity.  You ask “What’s the expected amount on this one?”, two minutes later a notification pops up that the amount field has been updated.  You ask about a related Opp, and another team member shares the record directly into the chat, the three of you jump on a video chat without leaving the app.  Life feels organised, you can remove the job advert for a PA.

At the beginning of lockdown, we implemented Quip.  Quip felt like a revelation and helped us as a team to collaborate virtually.  We were delighted with how easy it was to access important files from the Account or Opportunity level.  Salesforce Anywhere feels like another level up after this, and we’re excited to try the new features for ourselves!

P.S., rumour has it: there is going to be a Zoom integration, so you’ll be able to speak to clients without leaving the Salesforce record.  Incredible scenes, excitement like this last felt when Boris re-opened the pubs.

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