How AI Is Advancing Sales & Marketing

Friday, June 5, 2020

Businesses are currently utilising machine learning and AI to help smooth the customer journey at every level - allowing more resources to be dedicated to strategic tasks. AI is seeing a profound increase in use throughout the globe, in both large and small business entities - but even within our daily lives. It is no long the stuff of science-fiction - we are using apps and devices such as Alexa & Siri to aid us on a daily basis - use has also been seen as recent as identifying trends in the corona-virus pandemic.

AI is not just fantasy, it is a mainstay of how we now live - and it is constantly being improved.AI has taken the place of historically human-led tasks such as problem-solving, filtering data and general queries - it takes manual, mundane tasks and automates them.

Machine Learning has taken AI to new heights, utilising advanced algorithms to find patterns in large volumes of data and automating the output processes - be it decision making, or actions.Amazon Prime for example, looks at what you have watched, finished, browsed and bought, and suggests products, services and movies that are of similar, or complimentary design.

Another example is how search-bars can identify what you are typing before you have typed it - even if you have never searched that particular thing before.

84% of organisations feel that AI will enable them to sustain a competitive advantage (Financial Force AI Ultimate Guide)

In business, AI is being used to enhance the marketing-sales-experience loop in new and improving ways - allowing businesses to gain an edge over their competition, when they need it most.Here are 3 ways that AI is allowing businesses to better understand and engage with their prospects and customers:

1. Increase Conversion Rates & ROI

The inherent relationship between AI and email marketing is simple - AI can analyse the data from email marketing campaigns and detail the best contact times for prospects. It even allows the automation of campaigns to individuals based on their interactions.

By embedding AI into email marketing, businesses can select specific times to email/contact individuals based on their interactions - be it buying history, demographic, vertical or past engagement.AI can also recommend specific products or services to individuals with personalised emails - personalised email marketing has 122% ROI for businesses.

2. Nurture Prospects & Leads

Whilst real, human sales and service personnel handle the more detailed conversations with prospects - AI can take the role of interacting with prospects and customers alike at every initial engagement level.AI, used within chatbot services allow informative, timely responses to your customers and prospects.

At any hour, any day, a chatbot can guide customers through the marketing funnel by identifying keywords, questions and responses and even by offering personalised suggestions based on their historical data.

All of this leads to an increase in customer engagement and an increase in the productivity of sales & service, who are no longer bogged down with simple interactions that take valuable time to answer - prospects are guided to the human interaction at the right time with the key data gathered being a powerful weapon for anyone in sales, or service.

3. Enhance Customer Experience with Personalisation

AI can now be used to gather and interpret data from a customers behaviours through the customer journey - this can be through interaction with specific part of a website, or queries synonymous with previous customer buying patterns. This allows businesses to create personalised responses and experiences based on the exhibited responses.

Without AI, businesses can spend large amount of resources both collecting and managing this data. With AI, businesses are enabled to redirect resource into improving the customer experience and developing lasting customer relationships. More resource can be dedicated to the strategic goals of the business - unleashing your success.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming easier to access in business - and allows for a scalable way of achieving business objectives. As AI becomes more accessible the more it becomes a ‘must-have’ in business. AI is one of the most efficient, and successful ways to create and manage successful customer journeys - the data collated, and the customer relationships developed through AI can propel businesses forward.

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