E-Quality Learning Skyrockets revenue in three months

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A NATIONAL training provider for people with diverse learning needs has increased its turnover and customer engagement in under three months thanks to a collaboration with ION.

e-Quality Learning utilised the expertise of Gosforth-based ION to help deliver a bespoke CRM (customer relationship management) package to record its customer engagement, productivity and transform sales which has resulted in an increase of revenue by 74% since March.

Providing specialist training servicing a wide range of sectors including higher education, the NHS and large corporations, technical director for e-Quality Learning Sean Dotchin said the use of the new CRM system, Salesforce, has provided the business with ‘invaluable resource’.

“We engage and work with a number of organisations across the UK providing a range of training options to suit requirements for staff and students,” he said.“ION’s technical team understood that the education and training we provide was not a ‘one size fits all’ and advanced the software specifically for our requirements. This not only helped us drive sales, but monitor who was using specific services which helped us with upselling and gaining a better understanding of our customer’s training needs.“This means we can grow our own business, and help employers get the most out of their staff of all abilities which strengthens our understanding and retains good relationships with that client.”

The specialist learning provider, which has offices in London and Newcastle, has also introduced Salesforce for its flagship product, CognAssist, which allows Apprenticeship Providers on the governments’ new Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP) to identify and support learners with hidden learning needs. CognAssist is rapidly becoming the most in demand software solution for the apprenticeship market and Salesforce is helping the business manage this growth.He continued: “By continuing to work with ION to develop Salesforce each step of the way we can further automate our processes throughout all aspects of the business which will increase efficiency and productivity further an help reach our company’s growth goals.”A registered consulting partner of Salesforce, ION director Rob Mathieson said: “e-Quality Learning is another example of a great company applying a platform to successfully transform their sales, grow their business and help them stay competitive in the near future.

“The CRM has freed them up to concentrate more of their valuable time into working with clients to further developing the different training tools to suit individual’s requirements and we are delighted to be working with them on an ongoing basis. We wish them continued success.”

Utilising an array of cloud-based tools, Salesforce allows companies of all sizes to connect with customers and provides them with the power to increase productivity and keep pipelines filled with solid leads and opportunities.

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