Utilities Sales

A powerful salesforce solution for utilities brokers


Allow your sales and marketing teams to focus on the highest potential leads.

Allocate each customer action a score to trigger sales actions and allow for quick and efficient data cleansing.


Increase data enhancement through improving the diversity of the data.

Using API integrations to enrich and validate your client data such as bank account information, address details, and credit score.

docusign integration

Effectively manage and control documents in Salesforce to ensure efficient contract management.

Send documents directly to customers, track open rates and electronically sign documents in real-time.

Integrated quoting engine and supplier pricebooks

Centralise pricing and supplier offerings to allow for in-system quoting.

Reduce the need for multiple tools and ensure customers always get accurate quotes.

meter management WITH full visibility across the network

Track meters across multiple clients and contracts. Benefiting the business through the ability to produce real-time analysis for meter information.

Contract and Payment Tracking

Produce an accurate audit trail to take you through the various contract stages, showing the expected and actual payments for both agents and customers.


Automatically calculate an agent's monthly/yearly commission based on targets, KPI’s and sales metrics.

Efficiently enable the agent to easily access and their own progress, management can view their team's overall and individual performance.

Call centre integration for agent and customer insight

Integrating TalkDesk with Salesforce allows users to instantly access customers' records when they call in.

Providing user insight into ongoing sales activity and previous communications with a customer. Capturing accurate records or call details and recordings.

20-second call back for faster customer engagement

Instant alerts in the system for users allow agents to stick to their key KPI of a 20-second call back once a web lead has hit the Salesforce system. Benefiting the sales team through lead management and conversion into opportunities.

Compliance and Control built-in

Automated processes ensures users to comply with business best practice. Preventing the potential of gaps of information around customers and sales whilst ensuring all agents follow the same steps to complete a sale.

Full Salesforce Reporting Suite

Advanced real-time reporting provides users with the ability to effectively analyse overall business performance.

Agents and management can have instant access to the sales pipeline, marketing can monitor campaigns, and finance can see payments and commissions instantly.  

Sales Agent gamification and leader boards

View a live analysis of the ongoing sales within the business, highlighting areas that require further attention. Management can identify key performers with ease, use the data to motivate the team, and provide support in low-performing areas.


Allow customer service and management to validate the information entered the system by an agent. Any issues identified can be logged in the system which can then be rectified, therefore maintaining a level of high data quality.

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