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You have a new system in place and you are desperate for your team to be using it to its full potential but you don’t have anyone internally who can support this or train new team members.

Perhaps you’ve had your system for some time and you now need some new features or custom reports, or it may be that you are planning further development and want to spread this over a few months.

That’s where our support services come in.

Our support contracts give you the flexibility you need to maximise system usage and improve efficiency across the organisation. Your time can be used across our services including for development, technical support, customised reports, strategic development planning, and training.

What are ION Support Services?

Support Services are annual contracts which allocate our teams time and expertise to help up skill your team and get the most out of your accounting, billing or CRM system.

Why would I benefit from a support contract?

By utilising our knowledge and expertise, you do not need to hire someone internally and can focus your business on the core operations. Our services give you the flexibility of our services so you can maximise the usage of your system and ensure that you are using it to drive business growth.

How does a support contract work?

All our support contracts are agreed on an annual basis, with a set amount of time allocated each month. This time can be used across our services, including training, development or customised reports.

If I take out a support contract, who will support me?

We have a team of specialists that deliver a range of services across each of our platforms. All our teams are fully certified and with expertise indifferent areas to enable you to get the targeted support you need.  

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