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transform customer management with Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

Salesforce SALES Cloud

At the heart of all businesses is sales, service and the customers who are benefitting from them. Salesforce Sales Cloud simplifies the process of managing customers, reducing your admin time and allowing teams to focus their energy on acquiring new customers.

Built on the world’s number one CRM, Sales Cloud is truly simple to use and embedded with a wide range of useful features.

With complete visibility of your sales funnel, Sales Cloud delivers one-click reports and insights to transform your operations; enabling sales team to focus on selling, not on IT or admin.

ION has worked with countless mid-market and fast growth businesses to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, delivering solutions which have transformed their businesses and catapulted growth.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a cloud-based customer service application built on the Salesforce platform.

Allowing your teams to deliver world-class customer support from anywhere in the world, Service Cloud has multiple integrated communication tools whilst creating a single view of customer activity.

Supporting customers through multiple channels, your business can integrate with mobile messaging, web chat, social media and more.

With Service Cloud you can optimise your workflows for rapid and accurate customer service. Get a complete understanding of your customer to increase customer satisfaction and retention, and boost the overall lifetime value of your customer base.

Service Cloud also enables customers to answer their own queries and reduce contact time with customer service staff. With self-service portals, customers can access documents, videos and product information to answer their questions and learn more about your product or services.

ION has worked with Salesforce for many years, helping businesses to work smarter and faster to acquire more customers and boost profitability. Contact our team below to learn more.

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