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salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce provides one of the best tools on the market for reports and dashboards, with limitless options for ways in which to report your data. This can be with a simple single object report, or using multiple objects to create new report types.

Once you have your data you can group it, filter it and chart it in any way that suits your business.

For data visualisation, Salesforce includes dashboards that can provide a real-time view of your key indicators and metrics. This could be sales contracts, customer service cases, new sales leads or orders dispatched.

The ION Salesforce team works closely with management teams and data analysts to provide powerful performance information.

Accounting & Finance reports & Dashboards

Do you spend hours compiling reports to gain a thorough look at your financial position? Does your data lag behind, meaning by the time reports are completed, the data is now outdated? Is the wider business constantly asking for more information from the accounts and finance teams?

If this is your business, then we can help.

With our cloud accounting solutions, you can access real-time reports and dashboards anytime, and from anywhere. Multi-dimensional reporting is simplified, allowing you to dig deeper into the data to gather insights and drive decision making.

Customisable dashboards allow each person to quickly and easily see the data which is critical to them. Get instant visibility into the business financials, based on real-time information.

Want to know more about dashboards for your integrated CRM, Accounting or Billing system? Contact our team below to discuss your requirements.

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