Platform Services

Build you business infrastructure in the cloud

Platform Services

Our Platform Services team are here to deliver incredible business applications, built on the Salesforce platform. By leveraging Salesforce extensive services, it’s possible to rapidly build and deploy functions across your organisation.

The Lightning experience (LEX) allows the delivery of a fast and beautiful user interface that can be customised by everyone. This allows your team to access your CRM data in any format required.

Customer applications and data objects can be rapidly created, allowing new ways of capturing and storing customer data, whilst utilising automations, integrations and approvals to streamline every process.

Accessing your customer data from anywhere, Salesforce’s mobile-first platform will allow you to literally touch your customer information, putting the power of your business in your hands.

Our Platform Services team also have extensive knowledge of the Salesforce security architecture, allowing for complex configurations, meeting the needs of your business and/or any regulatory compliance.

Salesforce analytics, reporting and dashboard tools can be utilised to interrogate any part of your organisations performance and provide real-time visibility of key metrics and indicators.

Our Platform Services team will help implement these solutions and train your staff on how to get the most out of your data.

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