Order and contract management

streamline order and contract processing with automation


As long standing Salesforce partners, the ION team has vast experience in building custom order and contract management solutions on the Salesforce platform.

Delivering projects across a wide range of industries, our team are experts in transforming complex and manual processes into simplified real-time automations.

Order Management

With Salesforce Order Management, you can have complete visibility of the order lifecycle, with the ability to track every item at each stage. With a range of features to cover all eventualities, order management can handle complex order requirements such as part-shipments and delivery to multiple locations.

By integrating with your delivery provider, order management allows you to track your deliveries across the world, to improve your visibility for you and your customers. For international orders, order managements helps manage multiple languages, currencies and tax formats.

For best results, order management will also connect to your payment system to ensure that orders are easily converted to cash. With simple procedures for cancellations and returns, order management simplifies what can often be a painful process for you and your customers.

Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an essential part of most businesses. To ensure consistency and simplify the process, Sales Contracts and Service Contracts can be created directly within Salesforce, with the ability to cover other scenarios such as NDAs.  

Through the automation of Sales Contracts you can ensure that correct process and information has been applied, reducing risk and improving overall customer experience. In more complex scenarios, the Salesforce Sales Contract can be used to monitor and track revenue recognition.

With Service Contracts, Salesforce can automatically generate contracts to ensure your customers details and requirements are correct. This process can be completed through automated workflows, applying complex business logic and ensuring a fast delivery of services.

Service Contracts allow you to define the terms of service that you have agreed to provide, this is usually agreed as a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This allows support cases to be raised and tracked, with specific customer entitlements included.

Integration with an electronic signature platform, such as DocuSign, will create a seamless contract management process. Contracts can be exchanged directly through Salesforce, when signed, Salesforce can automatically start fulfilment without any human intervention.

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