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tableau crm & data analytics

Tableau is Salesforce native analytics platform, providing intelligent insights for digital transformations. It provides the ability to spot trends, predict outcomes and get timely recommendations. Its drag and drop visual analysis system allows employees to use the system with confidence.

Tableau will transform the way you operate your business with increased visibility and a deeper understanding of customers.


Tableau allows you to develop an intelligent view of patterns and trends to connect customer experiences and accelerate innovation.

Allowing you to understand customers, enabling faster decision making and increased sales conversation through enhanced insights into their needs.


Leverage the power of your customer's data to understand which sales leads and opportunities will close.

Using the ask data function will allow you to interpret the data with increased confidence enabling accurate predictions to market the right products to the right customers.

It’s also possible to identify customer behaviour patterns, reducing risk through seamless integration into the workflow.


Tableau AI intelligent insights will empower your employees to effectively explore data, using visualisation to work faster and smarter. Your employees work the most effectively when they know what to do next, so use AI to point them in the right direction.

Utilising Tableau allows employees to answer pressing questions without having to wait for answers. Additionally, you can adopt these same tools to sign post your customers by building an intelligent customer service platform.

As with all these things, it’s easy when you know how. That's where we can help - our team of data analysts can help you unleash a world of intelligent and connected data.

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