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Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting has grown in popularity over the years as many businesses require the need for real-time information to ensure rapid decision making.  

Cloud accounting involves storing data virtually in the cloud rather than on a server as is required with a traditional on-premise system.

Storing data in the cloud removes the need for businesses to host everything in house, which can be particularly problematic for businesses with multiple sites where equipment is required to be managed and maintained at each facility.  

Do you have teams that need to access information remotely? With cloud accounting, team members can work anywhere. Easily accessible through a web browser, cloud accounting enables remote teams to work as efficiently as they would in the office.

Remove the frustration from your finance and IT teams that are battling with unreliable VPN’s or remote desktop connections.  

ION is a team of independent experts that align with the world’s leading cloud accounting solutions to deliver financial transformation projects that are tailored to your business.

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