Automated Marketing

transform customer experience & Improve nurturing with pardot & Marketing cloud

Automated Marketing with Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation solution from Salesforce that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

As part of the customer lifecycle, Pardot will increase prospects and accelerate leads, continuously engage with current customers and help secure contract renewals when the time is right.

ION's experienced B2B marketing specialists will work with your business to understand your customer journey and implement automated processes which removes the need for manual intervention. Allowing you to focus on developing new leads and growing your customer base.

Lead Generation

Salesforce Pardot enables your business to generate more high-quality leads and fill your sales funnel by using powerful marketing tools. Email campaigns, landing pages and forms can all be managed through templates and powerful visual editors, putting the control in your hands.

Lead Management

Intelligent lead nurturing automatically sends emails or performs tasks based on a series of triggers, such as users interactions. This helps keep you engaged with the customer, even when you aren’t speaking directly to them.

Realtime alerts lets your sales team know the right moment to pick up the phone, or drop that closing email.

Activity Tracking

Through the use of activity tracking, you can monitor every web page viewed, document downloaded, form completed, email opened and link clicked. Pardot will score and grade your leads to ensure that your sales team are talking to the right person, and also show you why!

As all this data is collated, your business will have access to detailed performance analytics, enabling you to better understand your customer triggers and make informed decisions about campaigns, messaging and customer targeting.

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