Predictable AND profitable
growth, through Intelligent ERP
Thursday, 15th October, 2020

Helping portfolio companies to deliver for future success
ALLocate Resources to Deliver Success through growth
how to evaluate your business growth plans

Thursday, 2PM, 15th October, 2020

- Learn where to allocate resources to deliver success through growth
- Learn how to evaluate growth plans
- Learn how to help portfolio companies deliver for future success

Growth, in business, creates a virtuous cycle. Growing companies attract more talent, talent drives quality and innovation in products and services, quality drives revenue, revenue attracts capital and capital funds more growth.

Growth also comes with growing pains. Rapid growth needs lots of working capital, a growing company can still go bankrupt if the working capital runs out. The existing talent base in the company quickly becomes overworked and over stretched and the new talent brought in to help grow challenges the status quo and working practices.

Growth happens in phases. These phases are typified by that rapid growth, a short period of stability and then revolution that leads into the next phase of growth. Growth is as much about mitigating risk as it is about accelerating output.

Duration: 45 mins

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EVENT Speakers

Perry Offer, SMS Highways

Long standing CFO/CEO specialising in rapid growth of revenues and profitability, Perry is involved in multiple sector and value chain point experience.
Matt Byrne, KX Media

Part of the Growth Lending Group, KX Media Capital is a global working capital provider to the media, marketing and technology sectors
Peter Goodman, Aventus Platform

Following the acquisition of his last company by Salesforce, Peter is focused on bringing technology to more established industries, with the aim of producing value and improving businesses by harnessing the latest technologies
Matus Maar, Talis Capital

Matus is passionate about world changing technology companies and spending time with entrepreneurs who are building them