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The Wifinity gigabit WiFi is powered by their flexible cloud software platform that provides the modern tools used to create awesome WiFi.
Industry: Technology
Location: UK
Employees: 70
intelligent approval processes for faster automation
Advanced multi-dimensional reporting
Access anywhere, anytime SOLUTION

about wifinity

Wifinity is a Gigabit Internet Service Provider, with products and services connecting over 6 million people a year across a wide range of sectors, including Defence. Wifinity is the number 1 provider for recreational WiFi, holiday parks, retail and residential.

The Challenge

Being on Sage 50 was becoming a hindrance to success for Wifinity.  With the company’s continued growth and expansion their accounting solution was struggling to keep up - using Sage 50 meant having to export data, combine disparate reporting and various lengthy internal processes.

As Wifinity continued to expand they needed a solution that could give them in-depth reporting, scale with them, and automate some of the internal processes.

Wifinity used Salesforce as a CRM- This meant manually re-entering data into the finance system in long and arduous processing through import files.

With data on all in one place - access to critical reports was also lacking and time consuming.  Wifinity needed to migrate their finance solution to the cloud.

  • Lack of access
  • Limited Reporting
  • Manual Approval Processes
  • Time exhaustive data entry
  • Duplicate data entries

SAge + ION

After consultation with ION, Wifinity select the modern cloud-based Sage solution. Built on the Salesforce platform, the solution was easy to use with advanced dimensional reporting – allowing deep analysis of Wifinity financial data.

ION delivered a support package alongside the solution deployment, this allowed Wifinity piece of mind in every aspect of the solution. With IONs expertise with Salesforce issues could be resolved quickly and efficiently.  Support created a point of contact for the finance team should any issues arise – whether they be knowledge or training issues, or problems in simple transacting to complex reporting.


By staying with Sage, they were easily able to translate their various sources of data onto a modern, cloud platform.  The insights gained through dimensional reporting have been critical to exploring new territories and verticals within their industry.  

Through the advanced reporting Wifinity have been able to control critical details within both their finance and sales functions and allowed for more insights into business profitability across sectors.

Migrating to the cloud has allowed Wifinity to connect Salesforce for complete view of their customers and suppliers – not only do they have a greater, customisable, view of their profitability – it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

  • Advanced Dimensional  reporting enabled deep analysis
  • Intelligent process  approvals created reducing time on critical decision making
  • Customised reporting of  KPIs
  • Access anywhere, anytime  through web browser or dedicated mobile applications