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Ramarketing is an award-winning pharmaceutical PR and digital agency that is dedicated to helping ambitious contract service companies get noticed in the outsourcing space.
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Location: UK / US


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Ramarketing were looking for a SME solution that provided a variety of insights into our project profitability, whilst managing group consolidation and multi-currency. ION helped us select, implement and support the introduction of AccountsIQ to achieve this, without compromising the statutory requirements of an accounting system." - Barry Goddard, Finance Director, Ramarketing


about Ramarketing

Ramarketing are a digital and PR agency that is in the business of helping ambitious and fast-growing CROs, CMOs, CDMOs, CPOs and tech companies in the outsourcing space grow and meet their commercial ambitions.

The Challenge

Previous System: Sage Financials

Ramarketing needed to move from Sage Financials due to Sage ending the life-cycle of the product.  With the increasing demands of the growing business a scalable solution, with customisable reporting into ongoing project profitability was required.  Group consolidation and analysis was key to the business, whilst maintaining adherence to statutory legislation.

Other solutions they had previously used in the business could not accurately forecast and report on projects across the new markets that they were entering.  Access from a single server was obstructive and would slow processes down across the business.  With this in mind, going back to their previous solution was not an option

With this new stage of growth, the Ramarketing required a solution that could both adapt to these changes and remain legislatively compliant.  Increasing the reporting abilities would be key to maintaining margins across entities.

  • Requirement of multi-entity  consolidation and currencies
  • Managing separate entities  on other systems – no single view of business
  • Slow, time consuming  reporting, and a lack of granular analysis of business activity
  • Detailed project reporting  – time consuming reporting and managing of projects
  • Lack of access and cross-visibility  

AccountsIQ + ION

AccountsIQ met the business requirements on several levels.  With Accounting, Consolidation and Business Intelligence - all in one unique, powerful Financial Management Software solution.  A completely cloud-based solution, AccountsIQ was able to resolve the current issues and ready the business for future success.

ION was selected to support Ramarketing on a continuous basis.  The support ION offer enables a point of contact for the finance team should any issues arise – whether they be knowledge or training issues, or problems in simple transacting to complex reporting.


Through the deployment of AccountsIQ, Ramarketing have been able to consolidate their final data into one complete solution.  A solution that is easy to use – yet effective in its reporting capabilities.

With AccountsIQ in place reporting across entities is both detailed and easy to navigate.   And, with a parent chart of accounts, adding new reports and reportable dimensions enabled the business to scale without having to overhaul their accounting structure.

As Accounts IQ was fully cloud based Ramarketing were able to access business intelligence and transact anytime, anywhere - giving the leadership team the up-to-the-minute data and metrics required to unleash business success

  • Full consolidation of  entities allowing a complete view of business activity and metrics
  • Integrated systems across  entities
  • Detailed project reporting and access from anywhere
  • 40% Reduction in monthly close time
  • Controlled access across entities