The Perfect alliance
with cloud accounting

Industry: NPO
Location: UK
Accounting: AccountsIQ
CRM: Salesforce
Complete lead-to-ledger system alignment
seamless compliance to
tax & accounting standards
vast time saved processing payments & accounts

Key Requirements

  • Effectively recognising revenue from multiple payment sources
  • Consolidation of multiple payment sources into one set of reports and accounts
  • Integration with payment gateways and invoicing solution
  • Aligning accounting, CRM, billing, and invoicing systems
  • Ensuring compliance requirements of NFP organisations
  • Easy to use and navigate to minimise training requirements


  • Fully integrated system for full visibility from lead-to-ledger
  • Improved efficiency, reducing duplication and time on admin tasks
  • Automated consolidation of payments and invoicing
  • Real-time cloud reporting, accessible from anywhere
  • Multi-dimensional reporting giving the team greater insights
  • Secure cloud platform which removes the need for servers and maintenance



AccountsIQ's award-winning cloud accounting software transforms the way your finance function operates, making processes more efficient whilst saving your staff precious time. Inclusive of multi-entity and multi-dimensional reporting, AccountsIQ incorporates an easy-to-use interface, navigation and smart query tools. A true cloud solution, AccountsIQ can be accessed and interpreted online at any time, from any location and device.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The world's number 1 CRM solution, Salesforce helps bring companies closer to their customers. Build unified profiles, integrate data from multiple sources, and help improve the overall customer experience. Centralise customer information and create seamless, cross-channel customer journeys by automating processes and using data and AI to anticipate your customer needs.


Quoted Companies Alliance (QCA) is an independent membership organisation that champions the interests of small to mid-size quoted companies. Representing over 1200 companies in the UK, this covers approximately 3 million people and represents approximately 11% of UK private-sector employment.

A Non-Profit organisation (NPO), the QCA’s main goal is to support the efforts of small to mid-size quoted companies, providing information, guidance, and support to help members realise their full potential. With a relatively small internal team but with a vast membership base; efficiency and accessibility of information is critical to QCA.

With Salesforce in operation, the team needed to upgrade their accounting system to a solution that would integrate with Salesforce and their other platforms. As with many NFP organisations, effectively managing different payments, invoices and receipts is vital. The current operations that were in place were not only costly, but also notoriously difficult to maintain, with limited reporting tools hindering productivity across the team.


AccountsIQ is a flexible and durable cloud accounting solution, which offers a wide range of integration solutions ideal for QCA. Addressing all of QCA’s requirements, AccountsIQ offers real-time reporting, powerful tools for consolidation, multi-dimensional reporting, packaged in an intuitive user interface.

AccountsIQ has an open API which is perfect for QCA as it allows them to integrate all their systems and get complete visibility across the entire business. With QCA already using Salesforce, ION connected the systems to reduce manual inputs and data duplications across the platforms.

As well as Salesforce, QCA also required an integrated payment and invoicing solution to improve efficiency and data integrity. Following discovery, Stripe was recommended by ION as a good solution for QCA as it integrates well with AccountsIQ, allowing them to centralise their operations and ensure the correct payment procedures are followed.  

In addition to system alignment, a lot of emphasis was placed on using automation to improve efficiency and reduce manual tasks. For NPO organisations like QCA, automation can be used to ensure complex compliance requirements are met. With processes built to align with compliance standards, the team can have full confidence that the correct process is followed.

ION implemented the system with the focus on providing amore robust solution and easy-to-use interface with simple integration processes that would suit the business by providing them with full visibility of their overall operations.


Improved Efficiency and Time-Saving – The implementation has vastly improved efficiency, saving QCA huge amounts of time through process automation. With the system now doing more of the heavy lifting, the team are able to reallocate resources and focus on their core activities.

Lead-to-Ledger System Alignment – By setting up a fully integrated system between accounting, payments, invoicing, and the CRM, QCA gets complete visibility of their operations. Providing the business with better decision-making, ease of access, reduced manual inputs, and better data integrity.

Consolidated Invoices and Payments – Adopting the AccountsIQ software has ensured that payments are processed automatically from one system into another, saving time and improving validity of information.

Multi Dimension Reporting – Reporting which would have previously take hours to compile can now be produced in minutes and accessed by members anywhere. Providing QCA the ability to effectively analyse their performance, with the ability to drill down further to gain insight.

Measure the flow of incoming web orders – Integration of Stripe with their website has provided additional reporting analysis that their previous systems did not offer. Further benefiting additional team members through the recording of receipts.

Real-time accessibility across allocations – Through the adoption of a cloud-based product, QCA can access their data in real-time from any device without requiring high-maintenance servers. Data can be accessed securely from any location, therefore, providing a flexible solution for the business.

Compliance – Compliance requirements are vital for NPO organisations, integration of AccountsIQ automated key processes such as VAT functionality and ensures compliance procedures are correctly followed and safeguards the overall validity of data by reducing chances for human errors during processing.

Maintenance – Switching to a cloud accounting system requires minimal maintenance. Eliminating the need for expensive and high-maintenance servers, whilst remaining fully connected to the data. Benefiting smaller businesses through the cloud ensuring regular and secure updates are easily conducted.

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"With ION’s help we have developed our systems to support the work that we do, which allows us to help many more thousands of people living with and at risk of HIV, to live better lives."
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