Aligning accounting
with education

Industry: Education
Location: UK
Accounting: AccountsIQ
invoicing & procurement integration

Key Requirements

  • Integration of Cloud Accounting, Invoicing &Procurement Software
  • Automated processes to save time and reduce user errors
  • Ability to add and change users easily  
  • Move away from Excel spreadsheets and perform more powerful reporting
  • Intuitive and user friendly system 
  • Paperless system


  • Advanced multi-dimensional reporting, saving time and giving the team greater insights.
  • Improved efficiency across multiple areas, with less time spent on manual tasks.
  • Improved visibility and traceability, with everyone logged through the system so that they can effectively monitor activities.
  • Flexibility to change their users and structures, allowing them to grow and adapt to changes in demand.



AccountsIQ's award-winning cloud accounting software transforms the way your finance function operates, making processes more efficient whilst saving your staff precious time. Inclusive of multi-entity and multi-dimensional reporting, AccountsIQ incorporates an easy-to-use interface, navigation and smart query tools. A true cloud solution, AccountsIQ can be accessed and interpreted online at any time, from any location and device.

oxford Royale

Oxford Royale Academy is a leading provider of international summer schools and year-round university preparation programmes, offering world-class academic and cultural programmes. With seven global locations and students enrolled from over 100 countries, Oxford Royale has a global footprint. 

key requirements & challenges

Oxford Royale’s main challenge was aligning their accountingand procurement systems. Their current software was expensive and not aligningwith the other systems, leaving the team to perform a lot of manual inputs toensure the data is correct in both systems.

The team also operated a third party system which washandling their invoicing. This was connected to their current accounting systembut the integration wasn’t as seamless as the team required.

In addition to manually aligning their systems, the Oxford Royale team was performing a lot of tasks which could be easily automated andsave the team vast amounts of time. A lot of their processes were also paper-based,which increased the risk of things being misrecorded or the process not being correctly followed.  

Moving away from Excel spreadsheets was a major driver forthe business. The limitations of Excel was frustrating and meant that the teamspent a lot of time pulling together reports. A system which could generatepowerful reports quickly was a key requirement.

With lots of new users at Oxford Royale, they needed a system which was intuitive and easily adopted.They also needed to be able to add new users easily, without complex adminrequirements.


AccountsIQ was an obvious solution for Oxford Royale, aflexible and cost-effective solution, it covered all their requirements and broughtthem additional benefits.

To allow for connectivity to the procurement system, theteam also recommended the use of iCompleat which could be easily integrated intoAccountsIQ and allowed them to change and add users easily. AccountsIQ couldalso be integrated with their current invoicing system.

A true cloud accounting solution, the team can accessreal-time data from anywhere, allowing for remote deployment of staff withoutthe need for any Excel spreadsheets.

A quick and easy solution to adopt, AccountsIQ offers the team the flexibility they need.


Multi-dimensional reporting: With in-built multi-dimensional reporting, the team can quickly and easily access reports which would have taken hours to compile. Not only is this saving time but giving them much more insight into their business operations. 

Saving time with automation: With automated processes, the team are reducing their inputs and reducing the time required to follow processes. This is not only improving efficiency but also ensuring consistency by ensuring that processes are correctly followed. 

Alignment of systems: With complete alignment of the procurement, invoicing and accounting systems, Oxford Royale are no longer duplicating effort and get better visibility across their multiple systems. 

Traceability: With a number of processes moved into the system, the team can track the progress of processes including approvals. This removes the need for paper and email exchanges, with everyone being given access to the information. 

Flexibility: The new systems enable Oxford Royale to easily add and change users when demand changes. This was previously a major headache for the team and did not allow them to alter their processes based on demand. With this system, they have the flexibility to adapt their business as the market changes.

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