rapid consolidation

Industry: Professional Services
Location: UK
Accounting: Sage Intacct
CRM: Salesforce
multi-currency & multi-entity management
scalable cloud system enabling business growth

Key Requirements

  • Suitable for multiple entities with a simple consolidation process
  • Multi-currency management for payments and reporting
  • Automation of data inputs to save time and improve data validity
  • Cloud based solution which is remotely accessible for all team members
  • Customisation of processes and dashboards to cater for the wider team requirements
  • Scalable solution which can adapt to a growing business
  • A system which can be integrated with Salesforce CRM


  • Advanced multi-dimensional reporting, saving time and giving the team greater business insights
  • Improved efficiency across multiple areas, with less time spent on manual tasks
  • Improved visibility and traceability, with all entities and locations centralised on one system
  • Flexibility to trade in foreign currencies, with consolidation and reporting automated
  • Complete integration and visibility from lead-to-ledger
  • Less user support and training required


Sage Intacct

Used by 11,000 businesses worldwide, Sage Intacct automates your processes to improve efficiency and guarantee legislative compliance. With a wealth of powerful and impactful features, Sage Intacct can dramatically reduce operating costs whilst providing transparency, advanced functionality, and insightful data analysis.


The world's number 1 CRM solution, Salesforce helps bring companies closer to their customers. Build unified profiles, integrate data from multiple sources, and help improve the overall customer experience. Centralise customer information and create seamless, cross-channel customer journeys by automating processes and using data and AI to anticipate your customer needs.

mauve group

Mauve Group is a leading provider of Global Workforce Solutions, Business Expansion and Consultancy Services. A professional services organisation, Mauve delivers consultancy and project management services to enable businesses to grow. A truly global business, Mauve operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. With offices in the UK, Brazil, Colombia, Cyprus, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, and the UAE; Mauve also has a network of additional entities dotted around the globe.

As the business continues to grow Mauve identified the need to switch over to a true cloud-based product that will enable remote access from any device and location. Operating in multiple locations and currencies is part of Mauve Group's everyday operations, therefore they required a system which could handle multiple entities and currencies, whilst simplifying consolidation processes. With the business growing rapidly, they also wanted a system which could automate processes and help save their team vast amounts of time.

The overall aim of the project was to create one complete platform which managed all their operations, improved efficiency, and could be used by any team member, regardless of their location.


Sage Intacct is a powerful accounting solution; offering a wide range of features which covered Mauve Group's requirements, including the ability to easily manage multiple entities and currencies. Consolidating all entities, currencies and payments within the system was a key requirement for the team and helped to save the business vast amounts of time.

With offices and employees in multiple locations, Mauve Group required a full cloud-based solution, allowing all team members to access the data remotely without the need for a complex infrastructure. Designed to not only help access and improve efficiency, this was seen as a necessity to help scale the business and enable Mauve to expand rapidly in the future.

Sage Intacct provides seven core dimensions and the ability to easily produce multi-dimensional reports. Allowing Mauve to effectively analyse their data, with the ability to drill down to gain further insight on their business operations.

As with any organisation, Mauve wanted a system which could be adopted easily by their staff. Sage Intacct offers a very user-friendly and intuitive layout, which vastly reduces the requirement for regular training. Teams would be easily able to customise their views and dashboards, without requiring support - meaning every person gets access to the information they need quickly.

Sage Intacct allows the ability to automate a number of tasks and processes which ION installed throughout the system. This was not only reducing manual inputs and saving time, but also helped to ensure consistency and compliance.


Centralised Global Management – Sage Intacct allows Mauve to centralise their operations, providing them with the flexibility to trade in foreign currencies, with consolidation and automated reporting. With the consolidation procedure completely simplified, this process can be done in minutes (not days) and allows Mauve to assess the business as a whole and make decisions based on the entire global operations.

Consolidated Invoices and Payments – Adopting Sage Intacct software has consolidated payments and automatically determines how they are allocated. This has not only improved the efficiency of the operation but also removes unnecessary cost involved in manual consolidation and allocation.

Multi-Dimensional Reporting – Sage Intacct comes with standardised core dimensions for multi-dimensional reporting, with additional elements added by ION to allow Mauve to effectively analyse their data and gain further insight on their business operations. This allows all teams the ability to run real-time reports - meaning informed decisions can be made quickly.

Real-time accessibility across all locations – Through the adoption of a cloud-based product, the entire Mauve Group can now access their data in real-time from any devices. This has reduced the maintenance requirements and removed the need for high maintenance servers in several locations.

Improving Efficiency and Validity of Data – Integrating Sage Intacct has increased efficiency, productivity, and accessibility. Improving existing functionality through reducing the risk of discrepancies in the data in a seamless and simplified way. Allowing resources to be deployed, with the team focused on core activities and member support.

Primed for Growth - A flexible and scalable cloud solution, Sage Intacct can grow with the business and additional companies can be added in when needed. These entities will sit alongside the existing company and will share certain aspects meaning he existing infrastructure and reports can be utilised. With this system in place, Mauve has the peace of mind that the company can grow without worrying about their systems or security of data.

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