Ecommerce fulfilment

For over a decade, James and James have enabled online stores to realise their potential, with eCommerce fulfilment services that grow sales, delight customers and optimise operations.
Industry: Ecommerce
Location: UK
Turnover: £30M
SaleSforce Service Cloud implementation
automated service queues and SLA Milestones
rapid scalability required due to
covid-19 demands

about James and James

James and James are an eCommerce fulfilment service, combining logistics best practice with agile tech development. Founded in 2010 when they couldn’t find a fulfilment service for their own eCommerce business, James and James have now helped hundreds of brands to scale up, and have just received an external investment of £11million to enable further growth.

The Challenge

James and James were dealing with an ever-growing number of customer service cases, but limitations in their current setup was severely impacting on case resolution times.

The primary issue was that bottlenecks had been identified within service case queues, caused by manual assignment of cases to the relevant team member.

Other problems included, incorrect SLA milestones leading to false notifications, complicated assignment rules that made cases difficult to track, redundant escalation rules and inaccurate reports due to lack of quality data captured.

James and James was already rapidly expanding and the demand from COVID-19 brought a further increase in volume, similar to that of Black Friday sales. Fixing the constraint was critical!

Salesforce Service cloud

James and James were already using Salesforce Service Cloud, which meant the service team were benefiting from a 360 degree view of their customer.

ION completely rebuilt their Service Cloud setup, implementing a tiered system, that automatically assigned a case to the relevant department, taking into consideration customer entitlements and Service Level Agreements.

ION implemented new auto-response criteria that helped service specific and immediate carrier related claims through to day to day enquiries.


James and James’ service department now has significantly improved customer experience, with high-speed case resolution, improved customer engagement and satisfaction. Milestones for SLAs are now achieved and there are appropriate automation process for case escalation.

Finally, all cases and activities generated correct data, cohesive to the business process, ensuring that analytics and actionable insights could be produced.

Working with James and James really allowed us to implement Salesforce Service Cloud into a business that was truly scaling but suffering from real-world challenges.