THe Property market
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iamproperty empowers Partner Agents with the latest methods, technology and expertise to drive success
Industry: Property
Location: UK
Turnover: £30M
Saleforce sales Cloud implementation
integration of geo mapping for lead development
rapid scalability required due to covid-19

about iamproperty

Iamproperty is the UKs largest independent residential auctioneer.  They help property professionals win new instructions and drive extra revenue by developing technology-led software, platforms and services.  

Their services reduce property transaction timescales, whilst increasing productivity and profitability for clients.

The Challenge

Iamproperty needed a stand-alone solution to manage their ongoing leads and conversions. They were sitting on a huge amount of data, but without an intelligent solution to handle this it was incredibly difficult to manage.  

With no centralised place to store information, leads had to be manually allocated to reps, there was no clear view of pipelines and it was nearly impossible to get an overview of how deals were progressing.

Additionally, they had no way of segmenting audiences between new prospects and converted opportunities.  Marketing efforts were being delayed and the volume of work in getting a campaign completed was unmanageable.

Salesforce sales cloud
+ Pardot

Iam property has revolutionised their business using Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot, to completely handle the life cycle of a potential buyer.

As their travelling Sales Reps work in territories, clear rules to automate ownership needed embedded into the system.

ION built a custom map function on an opportunity which highlighted other leads and opportunities located nearby.  This meant the reps could easily find nearby estate agencies, to drop in, give information and begin building relationships.  

ION used a parent and child Account structure to help them create individual relationships with branches of larger agencies, whilst keeping relevant information together.  Creating a hierarchy, which was an instrumental piece, between the parent and child leads linking a main office to all their branches, meant that relational information was easily accessible (and actions could be taken en masse if required).


Iam sales reps can now monitor leads using maps in specific regional areas, meaning they can get the most out of every journey, helping generate awareness on their way home from closing a deal!

Using process builders on both the sales and marketing side, both department are no longer hindered by repetitive tasks.  Thanks to these automations, they can focus on the important things, like strategy.  In addition to this, their sales results can inform future marketing activity thanks to superior reporting when combining Salesforce and Pardot.

With all their data, they needed a way of engaging new clients but also converted opportunities.  By using engagement pathways in Pardot they were able to automate these communications to provide a personal touch.  This is another example of how they were able to reduce time spent on administration.

Iam can now predict the potential revenue thanks to a custom solution that logs this against the different accounts.  In addition to this, we built a way of monitoring the stock that their accounts have, meaning that they can accurately assess the potential of a new deal.  This means they can make an informed decision on which accounts to focus on.

iamproperty is a business led by cutting-edge technology. Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot were the clear solutions to enable their sales agents across the UK.