Sales Transformation

Industry: Retail
Location: UK
CRM: Salesforce
improved operational efficiency
Streamlined order processing
opportunity-to-cash customer management

Key Requirements

  • Comprehensive customer management system which moved away from emails
  • Cloud solution for real time data and remote access
  • Collaboration across the team to allow for shared management of accounts
  • Ability to convert opportunities into orders without manual inputs
  • Scalable solution can that allow the company to grow
  • Easy to use system which can be adopted quickly by the team


  • Improved efficiency and reduced admin time
  • Improved order management with workshop order lists
  • Complete opportunity-to-cash customer management with all customer communications logged automatically
  • More effective at managing increasing customers and allows for future expansion
  • Enables remote working, giving those working from home access to the same system


Salesforce Sales Cloud

Built on the world’s number one CRM, Sales Cloud is truly simple to use and embedded with a wide range of useful features. With complete visibility of your sales funnel, Sales Cloud delivers one-click reports and insights to transform your operations; enabling sales team to focus on selling, not on IT or admin.

Healthy Nibbles

Healthy Nibbles is a rapidly growing snack company based in Edinburgh.  They offer snack boxes, vending machines, unmanned retail and corporate gift baskets with a focus on nutritionally rich products. They approached ION regarding Salesforce, seeing this as the ideal solution to fulfil their sales and operations requirements.

The requirement was to have Salesforce as the centre of their operations and as a system which could grow as the business does. With a varied product/service range and a growing customer base, it was time to move operations out of email inboxes and onto the cloud.  

key requirements & challenges

Healthy Nibbles is a growing business that was outgrowing its current systems and processes. The increasing volume of clients and orders meant that the mechanisms they had in place were no longer effective, and the team required support to get their processes in line.  

All client communications were being managed through emails and this was becoming problematic. Therefore the team required a system which would connect with email but enable them to manage their communications in a more organised way. Having a centralised place for accounts and communications would allow multiple team members to manage accounts and communications.  

Another challenge for Healthy Nibbles was that when an opportunity was won, converting this to an order in the system was a manual process, prone to human error. Therefore they required a system which would simplify the process and save the team time.


Salesforce covered all the requirements for Healthy Nibbles, and enabled them to have a platform that would scale with the business going forward. 

Salesforce is well known for delivering automation, reducing manual input and saving time. This was one of Healthy Nibbles key requirements and enabled them to focus on other parts of the business rather than administrative tasks. 

Salesforce Einstein was also ideal for Healthy Nibbles. Einstein Activity Capture is an incredibly powerful out-of-the-box Salesforce feature, which takes the emails from your inbox and allocates it to the relevant Salesforce record. This meant that all communications are captured automatically and in a central place where the whole team can access. 


The Healthy Nibbles solution was completed just as they began their ramp-up to the Christmas period, so the benefits of the system were realised immediately. 

Reduced Admin: By automating much of the order and contract processing, Healthy Nibbles is benefitting from a reduced admin workload, meaning staff can focus on growing the business even further. 

Order Management: Like many growing businesses, Healthy Nibbles had outgrown their existing order management process which was making it difficult to effectively manage orders. With the new system, we have improved information displays and visibility so that all orders are fulfilled on time. With the increasing demands around Christmas, this made it significantly easier for warehouse staff to fulfil and manage all the orders.  

Scalability: Healthy Nibbles had outgrown their current processes and now was the time to implement solid foundations on which Healthy Nibbles can build their empire.  With the system in place for the busy Christmas period, the team were much more efficient at handling more customers and orders.  Salesforce is ideal for growing businesses and the perfect solution to scale as your business grows. the sys

Complete customer visibility: With automated email captures and web-to-lead workflows, Healthy Nibbles can access the complete customer information within Salesforce, without having to manually input data. With the ability to see where the lead has come from and what communications they have had with the client, the integration has vastly improved their customer relationship management. 

Process review: As with many clients, installing a new system was the chance to review the business processes and make improvements. With some simple customisations we tailored Healthy Nibbles system to better fit their existing sales and operations processes 

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"Sales cloud allowed healthy nibbles to transform their order processing and fulfilment."
Becky McGrattan, ION

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