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Get the operational sophistication to achieve, sustain,
and scale recurring revenue
chargebee - subscription, billing and revenue management in the cloud

With Chargebee, managing recurring billing and payments is simplified. Covering the complete subscription lifecycle management, Chargebee uses to automation and upsells to maximise revenue and improve process efficiency.  

Ideal for companies with subscriptions, e-commerce and multi-revenue channels, Chargebee streamlines revenue operations for complete management of your payments. Trusted by over 20,000 businesses, Chargebee enables a full quote to cash process,  aligning with CRM, accounting and payment software.  

ION is a verified Chargebee partner, working with businesses to deliver financial transformation, to enable growth and unleash the power of automation.


Remove the spreadsheets and eliminate manual errors by automating your entire recurring billing and invoicing operations.

Designed for flexibility, Chargebee includes more than 450 recurring billing scenarios, to automate who you bill, when this is issued and how you receive payment. Get a view of all the data to analyse business performance.


Customise billing cycles, set up charges by usage, accommodate special buying cycles, or gift subscriptions all within the Chargebee platform.

Specifically designed to support subscription and e-commerce businesses, Chargebee covers a wide range of complex billing structures to simplify your processes and maximise your revenue.

Utilise one of the many out of the box solutions or create and customise your own unique billing cycles.


Test new pricing structures, trial plans, upsell emails, and flexible billing frequencies to identify what converts the most opportunities.

With complete alignment to your CRM system, you can manage the full customer lifecycle and target different customer segments with different pricing and promotion strategies.

flexible payment options to enable global expansion

Chargebee is designed for fast-growth businesses looking to expand and need a system that can grow as they do.

With Chargebee you can accept payments from anywhere, offering pricing options over 100 local currencies and over 20 payment gateways.

Accept payments via credit cards, Direct Debit, bank transfers, cheques, and digital wallets like Google Pay, Worldpay, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.

manage the full customer lifecycle from lead to ledger

Chargebee integrates with your CRM, Accounting, Payment Gateways, Support Systems and Email Systems to deliver a complete lead to ledger system.

Use Chargebee to power marketing, to deliver sales, recognise revenue, handle compliance, and reconcile your books.

With standard integrations into Salesforce, Sage Intacct, Slack, MailChimp, and Zendesk, ION can integrate Chargebee to align with all your business operations.

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Why you should work with ION

ION delivers business and financial transformation through the application of the world’s leading software solutions. The ION approach aligns the entire business operations to allow for full visibility from lead to ledger.

Verified partners with Chargebee and Salesforce Silver Partners, the ION team is made up of specialists in Cloud Accounting, Billing, CRM, and Automation. A team of independent specialists, we are not aligned to one system and can help identify the right solution for your business.  

Ideal for fast-growth businesses and those operating in the mid-market; our work improves efficiency and accelerates growth to ensure your systems can grow as you do.  

Working with ION will unlock the power of automation in your business, streamlining your processes and empowering decision making across the business.