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FlyForm overhaul project management and financial reporting capabilities with FinancialForce PSA

About FlyForm

FlyForm is one of the UK’s leading ServiceNow partners, offering consultation and implementation services to enable businesses to improve efficiency and productivity through digital workflows.

As a project and service based business, FlyForm came to ION to transform their project management capabilities and implement FinancialForce PSA.


FlyForm needed to improve their reporting functionality and move away from reporting across spreadsheets. With the business growing and data needed to aid decision making, FlyForm were looking to create a shared management reporting suite that would enable quick access to critical information.  

Bound by the capabilities of Excel, FlyForm needed to improve their overall project tracking capabilities.  As a Salesforce user, FlyForm also needed a solution that would connect into their Salesforce solution.

FlyForm + FinancialForce PSA

Through FinancialForce PSA (Professional Services Automation), FlyForm has overhauled their project management and financial reporting capabilities.

Financial reporting of projects is now based on accurate and live data, giving the team a greater understanding of where they should focus and how to maximise profitability.

The defined project structure, ensures projects are delivered consistently, on time, and on budget. With the centralised dashboards giving the team has access to critical information at all times to allow for rapid and informed decision making.

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